The Repentance in life

Crucified Jusus is the mark of suffering which we have to face in this materialistic world. Bhagavan Sri Krishna died on account of the curse. Sri Chaitanya was tortured by the pandas ( the Brahmins of Puri Mandir).

Sri Ramachandra was exiled by Dasaratha for 14 years. Because it was his father’s advice. As Dashararha had kept words to his another wife and Ramchandra’s step mother, Koikeyi.

Lord Buddha left His Kingship and its comforts and took renunciation having learnt that this worldly life of pleasures is temporal.

Hence, All the incarnations of God had to face so many hurdles and sufferings in their lives. It’s proved that life is nothing but a battlefield. It is not a bed of roses. We have to battle here for achieving the goal. Therefore, we have to fight.

You can succeed or failed to success. So to overcome this battle, you have to shelter in God and walk forward according to the direction and the way they told.

Repentance is a mental state of a man who did wrong or spent his or her days in worldly possessions, affairs, being forgot the supreme being. Vidyapati , a Vaisnav Poet and Saint wrote in a poem :

” Aadhah Janamo ham nide gangaulu / jara sishu katodin gela /Nidhubone ramoni rasorange matalu / tohe bhajobo kon Bela.” And lastly he said: “Bhanoe Vidyapati, Shes shamono bhoi / Tua bina goti nahi aara.”

We see here the repentance of a Vaisnav Poet.

By kalpataru

I'm Dr. Sushil Rudra, residing in Durgapur City West Bengal, India . Studied in The University of Calcutta and did M.A , Ph.D . Also another M.A from Sridhar University. Taught in College and University ( RTU) . Love to write, traveling, singing Rabindrasangeet and social work. Have some books authored by me. Vivekananda and Rabibdranath both are my favourite subject. I have written more than 150 articles in my blog( and now I'm writing in my new " blog.


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