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We sometimes lose our immunity and feel sick. We become weak and don’t like to perform our regular works with plenty of pleasure. We say it’s due to low immunity. So you can practice 7 asanas for boosting your immunity.

There can be many reasons for susceptibility to sickness and disease — physical imbalance, stress, improper diet and lifestyle to name a few.

Here’s need to be practised some yoga and asana regularly. Anybody can practice 7 asanas for immunity boosting.

However, some of these may require medical attention and diagnosis. But one can also address these conditions naturally through yoga practice.

To build good immunity we need to be in a state of natural wellness, and our body should be able to easily defend itself from any kind of disease or infection.

However, rigorous training causes strain to the body, which can diminish immunity.

So how do you find the balance between training and maintaining good health?

A few yogaasanas helps strengthen immunity and reverse cellular damage caused by ageing

. In order to maintain health and vibrancy in your routine, you should practice yoga for a few minutes every day.

Here are 7asanas that can help boost your immunity system and ward off illness:

1.Padma asana/ Mukta Padma asana/MuktaYoga Mudra 2.Nagasana3.Virabhadrasana 4. (Warrior Pose / Vir Bhadra Asana5. Bhujangasana 6. Tadasana. 7. Vriksashana

Number 1.Padmasana / Mukta Yoga Mudra

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Practice 7 Asana for boosting Immunity/image:

Yoga Mudra is a very ancient yoga posture. Rishi Muni used to practice all these Asanas . Mukta Yoga Mudra( Sukha asana ) is somethingeasierform of Yoga Mudra. Anybody can perform this posture.

It’s also called as Sukhasana.

Sit down on Sit down on the floor eitherinPadmasana(Lotus pose) or in Sukha asana ( easy pose ) as shown in the above picture. Hold the spine, neck and head erect.

Then look forward,straight atthe level of your eyes. You mayshutyoureyes also.Stretch your arms and rest your wrists on the knees.

Then exhaleslowlythrough both nostrilsand simultaneously pull your stomach inward, i.e. contract the abdominal muscles to expel air from your lungs. Keep exhaling till all the air is expelled.

Having exhaled, hold yourself in that position for a second and then start slowly inhaling through both nostrils. Inhale as deeply as you can by stretching out the abdominal muscles.

After inhaling deeply, pause for a second and then start exhaling again. Continue this process 10 to 15 minutes.


It helps you to enrich your immunity. It activates all the organs of the digestive system. Because of this internal activation, disorders of the digestive system are removed and corrected.

Problems like constipation, dysentery, diarrhoea, gastric indigestion and stomach ache are corrected.

However, it is a kind of pranayama that effects various glands of the endocrine system. The adrenal, pancreas, ovary in female and testicles in males are specially activated and energised.

Because of their internal activation, these glands begin to secrete their respective hormones in a normal way.

It also corrects disordersof the circulatory and respiratory systems.

Read more: 1.



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  • Nagasana and Bhujangasana – both are same. Nag means snake. Bhujanga means also snake in Sanskrit. This asana looks like a snake.
  • So it’s called as Nag Asana/ Bhujangasana. The above posture is one kind of Nag Asana. It’s very easy to perform. There is another posture which I have given below( 5 no).
  • There I have discussed in details about it.


It is an extremely powerful and important yoga posture as it strengthens the whole body, improves stamina, and increases the amount of energy you can expend in your daily life.

Besides, it also improves metabolism due to the increased energy utilization.

Secondly, It regulates blood pressure and helps the neural, digestive and circulatory systems. It also aids in the functioning of the auditory organs.

Not only does this strengthen the quadriceps muscles but also provides a great stretch to the shins. The posture is one of five yogaasanas that stretch the inner thigh.


Practice 7 asana for boosting immunity/

To begin thisasana, lie flat on the floor on the stomach with legs stretched out and hands beside the body.

Gradually, inhale slowly and raise your knees and clasp your ankles.

Slowly inhale while lifting your chest. Now, pull your legs and stretch them out to form the shape of a bow.

It is a great antidote against unnecessary stress and strengthens the spine.

This pose also works to improve natural immunity.


practice 7 asana for immunity boosting/ image:

This pose trains the body to be flexible, toned and strong.

It involves placing your hands on the floor while extending your legs backward and balancing the spine over a tight core.

This position helps open up your upper back and chest muscles, improves digestion, tones pelvic muscles and stretches hamstrings.

It also builds the strength of your arms and shoulder muscles.

Doing this regularly provides an excellent massage to the internal organs in the abdominal region.


Practice 7 asana for boosting immunity/

This posture is the foundation for all the standing poses.

All you need to do is stand on both legs with both hands reaching up to the sky. Repeat on each side up to 10 times.

After some time, you can slowly lift your head as if you are looking at the horizon, with your palms together and elbows lifted.

As a result, this pose improves posture, stimulates organs, improves your immune system and strengthens your legs and arms.

7.Vriksasana(Tree Pose)

Image : Practice 7 asana for boosting immunity/


The tree pose is one of the most important and commonly practised asanas in Hatha yoga.

Ten minutes of this posture will strengthen immunity and help prevent diseases; 10 hours of work behind a desk is likely to do the opposite.

So, thisasanaprovides numerous physical and mental benefits including improved functioning of internal organs, blood, and nerve supply.

Secondly, it helps in stress management along with treating various other diseases like obesity, rheumatism, backache and depression among others.

Hence, practising it regularly will help to improve the health of your immune system, especially your defence against colds and upper respiratory infections.

All theseasanas activate the immune system but it is not a conventional type of immunity enhancement.

Eventually, it increases the ‘natural killer cell’. It’s an aspect of the body’s immunity.

In addition, it is very different from the development of resistance to infection by parasites and viruses. . Health and yoga, Immunity

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