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One of the blessings in disguise with the numerous hookups that Nokia has is the vacuity of further options for everyone. For illustration, we could each agree that Nokia ingrained accessories especially those made by HMD Global have a sporadic presence in a certain request. This is where Rich Go fills in the gap with their Nokia ingrained accessories. And in my reviews, these products are factual bang- for- buck purchases that I’ve no remorse. They look ultraexpensive, feel ultraexpensive, offer further than their competition and more importantly, are priced affordably.

Products similar as Nokia E3511 ANC, Nokia P3600, the P3802A and indeed the most lately reviewed E3110 are each great earbuds that it’s an easy decision to recommend them. So, naturally, the lately blazoned Nokia Essential Wireless Earphones E1502 caught my attention. This is the review of the Nokia E1502, which is can add up as beauty with smarts.

Nokia E1502

The retail packaging of the E1502 is a simple standard affair. Nothing fancy like the P3600 with its essence case, which is a good thing to cut costs where it’s least important. The E1502 comes in black, slate, green and indeed pink! I had to choose the green as it looks different and unique, more on this latterly. Inside the box, slide the plastic charger and you’re saluted by the Nokia E1502 along with a stoner primer, USB- C charging string and fresh silicone tips in colourful sizes.

The Bluetooth earphone is simply amazing. Its design while minimalistic, looks and feels like decoration. The green colours feel fresh and different to the numerous different earphones out there. Rich Go paid attention to the material used. The cords feel light and comfortable, and each cub has a beautiful metallic head which can be magnetically connected so you can have them placed securely around your neck if you aren’t using them. The feather-light construct allows for a long and comfortable listening experience. The earbuds themselves house a 10 mm dynamic motorist which is below normal these days and an oddity at this price point.

The rearmost Bluetooth5.3 improves quiescence period and quality of connection while perfecting battery life which is each good! The erected- in 120mAh battery allows up to 14 hours of harkening time and takes about an hour to charge. The IPX4 standing means this is an each- rainfall device suitable for work and play. The secure fit of the earbud thanks to the ergonomic U shape observance hook design ensures no interruption with your routine conditioning. The three- button control is as precise as it can be, and gives good tactile feedback.

So, what’s great with this device and why should you indeed consider buying one? Well, for one, it costs USD 13 with shipping. It indeed has a USB- C charging harborage! But most importantly is that the 10 mm motorist along with the Bluetooth5.3 clearly alleviates the listening experience. One thing I notice incontinently is the clarity of the audio playback is exceptional. It doesn’t distort or break at loud noises, the audio is clear and there are enough distinctions in the depth. I would advise you to try out the different silicone tip sizes and use one that fits your observance conduit adequately as this would allow for ambient noise reduction passively.


The mantra, good effects do n’t need to be precious is being repeated then. For a bit of the price, the Nokia E1502 offers a decoration figure and look and punches above its weight. A definite recommendation for anyone looking for neckband- type earbuds, look no further.
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