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Recently MP Mohua Moitra wrote and published in New York Times Magazine by the title ” I know what it takes to defeat Narendra Modi”. Obviously, the writer of this article Mahua Moitra , is an Indian MP from West Bengal Krishnanagar Constituency. The content of the article is about the West Bengal election results in which Mamata Banerjee’s TMC defeated Bharatiya Janata Party .

Although, individually she failed to win in the battle at Nandigram, Mednipur against Bhumiputra(locale Son) Subhendu Adhikari, who is now main opposition leader in West Bengal legislative councils. TMC achieved massive majority of 212 seats out of 292 ( 2 seats in Murshidabad were not in the game because of sudden death of two contestants due to pandemic Covid.)

However, TMC formed a government. Previously Mamata Banerjee took oath of as Chief Minister of West Bengal. And after two days she selected others Ministers of her caninet from the elected MLA’s. Various ministries had been distributed to the veteran leaders of her party though a lot of them are under CBI investigation of Sarada Narada and Rose Valley money laundering case. Some are convicted in corruption. Besides, she selected from some new faces who are given ministry due to their repeated success in the election and efficiency in party activities . And all the Ministers took oath accordingly in a very tiny program through Hon’ble Governor, Dhankar.

By his addressing, Governor emphasised to take bold steps on the issue of present disastrous pandemic situations and post-election vandalism and bloody games between two parties.

Mainly they are goons of the ruling party. They are manhandling and making violence everyday against the BJP supporters during night. Even some women were maltreated and also molested by the goons. Somewhere it is controlled by the administration, somewhere not.

So, being a representative of the citizens Mahua should look after this situation not criticising Prime Minister. MP, Mahua Maitra is an educated woman and bagged her financial management degree from foreign University and there she served in a big financial company as an administrator .

Therefore, we expect from Mahua about serious journalism where she remarks about Hon’ble Indian Prime Minister, Narendra Modi’s dignity. And She has compared the West Bengal legislative election – battle in between Prime Minister and Mamata Banerjee.

But very sorry to say that it’s not tome to criticise. It’s a crucial time for the country as 2nd wave of Corona Virus spreading stupendously. About 4 lakhs peoples are affected. There is neither adequate corona hospitals, beds, oxigens and others amenities, nor sufficient Doctors and paramedics. Besides, vaccines are inadequate as per consumers.

Hence, both the Central and state governments and their hands( MP, MLA, Others representatives should come forward to fight against Pandemic. It’s not the time to criticize each other. A responsible public representative who is elected by the people, ought to take responsibility on his or her shoulder in this horrifying situation.

Firstly, they are enjoying various opportunities from air travel fair to data recharge bills and an enormous flats or salary which are provided through public money.

Therefore, we can expect from them in return some sympathy as well as public works. We, the common people, day after day , waiting in the big line at the hospital compound for vaccination. But we are not given due to shortage of it. There is no discipline in distributing the vaccines.

So, under this situation, they should present there to manage all these haphazard activities. Dear Madam, 49 per cent votes you have achieved in this election and won, but other 39 per cent (of BJP )voters need comforts and a sound sleep too. You should go there to neutralize and compensate for the mis- deed made by your party goons where the 39 per cent of voters not protected. They are also citizens of Bengal, they’re your brothers and sisters.

Not thinking or not being worried about defeating Modiji or his party, a real leader should stand by the people who are in distress, covid – affected , politically – victimised or affected people. It’s not the time to enjoy defeating Modiji, it is time for defeating Corona. Sadly, Mohua is not worried about it. She should help the distressed.

Moreover, Mohua wrote ” It took a catastrophic pandemic for even Mr. Modi’s supporters to see they need oxygen cylinder more than they need a Hindu state”.

Here we feel that MP Madam is not aware of the situation in her state where Hindus are not safe, where ruling party leaders are wanting to make four Pakistan here in India. Why are you silent then? Should you not take steps in your party line calling this party leader of Birbhum and inquired about why he spoke such anti – India speech! But none of them came forward to protest against it.

Not only MP Mohua, but even Bengal intellectuals are not interested to discuss it. They are afraid of saying anything in regards to this topic. Hindus must not be religion-addicted, though Muslims can do anything – it is their opinions. Here in Bengal, Mamata Banerjee got the victory by doing appeasement of minorities. Is it not polarisation to them? So, Mohua Moitra should be critical of herself than of Prime Minister.

She wrote: Prime Minister is not serious in the battle against the pandemic. He is futile to manage this pandemic situations. He is not supplying vaccines, oxygen cylinders, and so on. Even her commander-in -chief, Mamata Didi is always asking for the same demands to Prime Minister.

But it’s true that India is a vast populated country. Initially peoples were reluctant to have it. Some 45 thousands doses of vaccines has gone ineffective and lost. Sufficient production is highly needed. Central Government and the companies are trying to raise productions. Hope within few months this vaccine crisis will be subsided.

So, in this rigorous pandemic situation, both the Central and state governments should come together to fight against this battle. It’s not time to debate ‘ours’ and ‘yours’.

In addition, Mohua, in her article, repeatedly wrote about how the Bengal elections 2021 have demonstrated BJP is not invincible. Madam Moitra, you know perhaps economics and finance, but not literate in political history. Nothing invincible in any field, even not in politics. Yes, you need to notice BJP lost many seats marginally. At least 40 to 50 seats they didn’t capture due to 500 to 1000/ 2000 votes. So, there was a 50 – 50 chances to win for both parties. Mamata Banerjee has played minority cards with the aid of her royal soldier, Firhad Hakim. Is it not appeasement?

¶ Self Assessment: An article by MP Mohua Moitra

Hence, Mohua and her regiment should be critical about it. No party is invincible. Once the Left government practised the same strategy, their attitudes and egos grew to like this ruling party but failed to achieve power. They were not invincible. The left is now under the grave.

So, should take lessons from the history. Mind that TMC is not invincible. Your leader, Kunal, a corrupted person, went to jail, today speaking in media with rude language to Governor, Dhankar as a Dalal’ ( broker). What a shame! We know he is only 12 pass man having no culture and etiquette. Don’t know how to talk with veteran and honourable man like Governor. But this kind of TMC leaders one day might cause of ruins. Be cautious!

¶ An Article By MP Mohua Moitra :

Mohua further expressed her views on Bengali culture and complained against the Prime Minister about his addressing to Mamata as “Didi O Didi” during his campaign in West Bengal. In her words ” the tone and phrase were ominously close to what a neighbourhood catcaller may call out to girls walking past”.

Actually, ” Didi” is a Bengali word for calling sister. He used this addresses, not as a catcalling. Perhaps there was a wit or humour in this calling. But remember please, the addressing to Prime Minister and other Minister as “Bahiragata”, Rakkhas, Dakat, Vorgi, Danab and so on like this was not proper as per Bengali cultures. Why she used these rough words in public gatherings. Besides, numerous girls and women of Bengal are outraged by the neighbourhood goon. They are also Bengal’s sisters. Let’s stand beside them.

Violence is not Bengali culture. Post-election violence which is going on here should not be indulged. Out of 39 per cent of voters probably might come to you, if they get respect. So don’t feel hostility toward these opposition voters. They are also Narayan. Might they vote in favour of you in the coming election.

It’s in broad daylight that most of your colleagues are corrupted. So It is very needed for the sanctification of your leaders. During the last 10 years of rulings, your party members and leaders managed plenty of Bank Balance. Most of the leaders are crorepatis. They are very solvent and accustomed to spending luxurious lifestyles having 3/4 modern cars like Scorpio and BMW. One Minister, Sujit Ghosh, only 8 class passed whose bank balance is 17 cores having three precious personal cars. We know not how they managed it.

Firhad Hakim is another person. He declared his Bank balance which is near to Sujit. I am not saying that other party’s leaders are honest. But they’re not in the ruling party. So Madam, please look into these flaws of your brigade.

Above all, Our Bengal is an underdeveloped state. We are lagging in Industry, even neither we have small industries nor startups. Unemployment is a mammoth issue. Now we’re in the tremendous situation due to Covid 2nd waves.

So Madam, Don’t malign the fact. Because It is time to serve, not of politics. Helping distressed in crisis is to serve God. So keep it up.

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