India My India Love You

My memoirs of my early life was full of joy , like a common village boy , I was then to some extent emotional guy than other school – going boys . My school was at a distant place , but I never reached there late .It was tough in rainy season to reach in time, have a wide river in between our village and my school, the learning temple of mine , my school which was on the bank River Bhagirathi, Never I reached there in late.Village People there bathing and washing body returning to their home with quick pace . Boys are jumping to swim with their friends , someone doing Surya pronam and women are expressing their pain .My home was a big one having almost fifty doors , And every room has a name , the building was two storied , Even there is a name of every room like pasher ghar (side room), Sajjaghar( dressing room), and so on . Bhoger Ghar and so on.The main door was in the east direction and way out in the West. There was a jackfruit tree and also flower’s gardens – where my father used to clean the grasses under the tree.Baithak Khana was a beautiful place surrounding with trees , there every year in winter vegetables were being cultivated, it was our daily menus in the lunch and dinner .We have some cows which were nurtured by Mujahar Bhai, a royal servant in my home, he will never die . I used to go out with him , in the autumn or in the spring .Every year before Durga Puja , Our elders used to start a rehearsal the drama in the Baitak Khana, there assembled interested peoples for acting drama, in which Shyamdada used to play Harmonium, and some man play in the role of women .It was interesting to us in the rehearsals every year . Shyam Dada was very fond of opium. Playing cards was his favorite game , both Sundar uncle and he played the game.My father’s room was at end of the building, named Kuthuri Ghar. There was two big flower gardens adjacent to it , He used a arm chair where he laid down up to mid night , I felt some uneasy for that and had a fear of ghost or thief .My father stared at the laugh of the multi – coloured flowers, His only work to plant tree and to blossom flowers . My father was also a very emotional man , have a great sympathy to the poor and needy , but he spent with the financial crisis unto the last breathe .I spent my college life in our city home , My mother used to prepare our lunch and dinner alone ,none are there to help her. She never complain about it to my father.Never she cries. During our Puja vacation we returned our village home to enjoy the grand ceremony of Durga Puja which was very amazing to us, never for