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Jesus as seen by Swami Vivekananda/image:


Jesus as seen by Swami Vivekananda/image: www.



In 1889 , the resemblance to apathy and renunciation Narendra nath translated “Imitation ofChrist”in Bengali.

WeknowthatTamas A Kampesh authored this book. Swamiji’s translation was being published serially in the monthly magazine “Sahitya Kalpodrum” got popularity here in Bengal.

In the introduction, the translator expressed his thoughtful opinion about why he had influenced to translate this book and his love and respect to the life and sadhana of Jesus Christ in the present context.


The young translator, Narendra Nath further wrote:

Imitation of Christ is a most deserving book of Christians. It’s written by one Catholic Saint. It’s wrong to say that it’s written, rather it is printed with the blood of a all – renouncing ( ascetic ) Mahatma (Holy Soul ) or you can say him a magnanimous spirit.

He further wrote :

This vibrant & burning Gospel of an incarnation has been attracted coresofmen and women for continuously four hundred years with its power of enchantment and will attract in the future.

Who has been given salutes of hundreds of Kings and emperors, all the division and discriminations amongst the Christian and other faiths with each other, leaving the firm separations will have been downing their head in the charms of this book.

So the title of the article is Jesus Christ as seen by Swami Vivekananda.

Vivekananda further wrote:

He didn’t mention his name in this book as a writer. Why should he mention it? He who gave up all the worldly pleasure and happiness, honour like faeces, why does he beg for name and honour?

Subsequently, people gave a writer’s name of a CatholicSaintasTamas ACampus. Does God know how far true it’s? Whatever he is, no doubt, he is a respectable and holy person of the world.

Vivekananda criticised the missionaries of the Christian faith. He wrote :

Now we are the subjects or progenies of the Christian King. In the grace of the Emperor, we are seeing so many native and foreign Christians.

The great missionaries are indeed preaching that you eat today what you have. Don’t store it for tomorrow or the next few days.

But they are storing for themselves for the coming ten years. They’re busy in materialistic enjoyment, being wrapped in a luxurious lifestyle. And preaching about the vibrant gospel of Jesus Christ.

I don’t have found any true Christian. If you read this book, then you will come to know about the so-called Protestant Christians who are enjoying a luxurious life and preaching egoistic self–maid philosophy to another faith.

Naren and Jesus:

But young Naren has great faith and regards in thisbook and also in the sacred life of Jesus. He was so influenced having read this book. Therefore, he praised saying this :

This book is full of humility, humbleness, affliction and also a sentiment of being in service to God. Anyone who would read this book could have been enriched with the glorious and vibrant renunciation, self – sacrificing and dependency on it.

It will be distinct to all having read ”Ishanuswaran ” ( Imitation of Christ),that young Naren had been massively influenced with the miraculous purity, deep renunciation, selflessness, relinquishing and stone–melting love of Jesus Christ and the sentiment of being in service to God of the divine writer, Kempis.

The days of renunciation and self–sacrifice of some young would-be monks at Barahanagar Math was the same as it’s described in this epoch – making a book of Kempis.

All the words of the writer are no doubt the divine words of wisdom to whom we convey ourhonour, none other thanthe great Indian Hindu Monk, Swami Vivekananda.


Of the different philosophies, the tendency of Indian, mainly Hindu is not to blame or destroy , but to harmonise everything.

If any new idea comes into India, we do not antagonise it , but simply try to take it in to harmonise it.Because our prophet, God Incarnate, on earth, Shri Krishna taught first this method.

This Incarnation of God preached himself first :

” I am the God Incarnate , I am the inspirers of all books , I am the inspirer of all religions.”

This, we do not reject any. We love Jesus very much for His love and purity.

Every religion speaks of truth and universality. The truth is religion, but bigotry is not true religion. We never hate other religions. We love Christ, Buddha and other incarnations of God.

We respect and love Jesus Christ. I know that Sri Ramkrishna was in deep meditation at a stretch three days following Christianity. And attained the goal.

He worshipped also Hazrat Md. His dearest disciple, Swami Vivekananda also loved deeply Jesus Christ.

Why we don’t disobey other Incarnation?

The reason why we never fight against any religion is, that we do not say that ours is the only way to salvation. We know that Swami Vivekananda advised us.

And his Master, Sri Ramakrishna practised all the religious paths and reached togoal.

Both the spiritual Gurus preached that perfection. So we must achieve this goal if we devotionally practice It.

What’s the proof?

The proof is that, we see the holiest of men in all countries, good men or women everywhere, whether born in our faith or not.

Therefore, ours is the only way to salvation. Swami Vivekananda quotes from the Upanishad to make understand to the Western devotees in this regard. It’s asfollows:

Like so many rivers flowing from different mountains , all coming and mingling their waters in the sea , all different religions , taking their births from different standpoints of fact , come unto thee “.

In Gita , Shri Krishna preached same , and so we regard him on account of his wonderful catholicity in harmonising all the preceding revelation.

In fact, Hindus never shed bloods for religion. But Mohammedan of India are something different. They are arrogant in respect of religion.

But Hindu is too mild. They can criticise , but don’t use sword. Jesus don’t want violence. He is the resemblance of forgiveness and purity what’s the need of the hour.

That’s why, like Rama, Sri Krishna and Sri Ramkrishna, We love and worship Jesus Christ.

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