Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

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Dr. Sushil Rudra


ven a decade ago, it was very difficult to get your own stories, poems, articles to people, very few writers got the opportunity to print in big magazines, or rely on small magazines, there are also sales problems. Now the scenarios has changed. Blogging is one of the best way to make income for your livelihood. Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

     Before answering it we will let see why it was difficult to income from erstwhile writing? Previously very few people had the opportunity to make any income from writing. 

So,this was for the lucky ones.But the situation has changed rapidly, blogging has come hand in hand with the arrival of Internet in homes.

   Blog is an easy way to convey your opinions, writings, pictures to people. Readers are also prepared to write regularly. And yes this blog can become your source of income too.

     Many people say that India still does not have enough income opportunities from blogs. But there are bloggers in this country who are earning lakhs of rupees from their blogs.

      The way is at hand.Just know a few simple steps, and your blog will be your future income stream.  

Starting a blog site to earn money is a perfect idea for the present time. Even if you don’t have any deep knowledge about online, you can still earn from a blog site. You just need to know how to start blogging!

  I myself faced many hurdles to start this blogging and earn.  Now I consider myself an accomplished master of blogging.

How should beginners start blogging? Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?
Is it really possible for them to make money with a blog? Can beginners make a living from blogging?

I have asked many such questions myself But I couldn’t find anyone who could answer my questions properly. So I had to make myself suffer more. Currently doing very well and hoping for better.

Blogging for money is not a theoretical concept, but a reality. With some basic knowledge of blogging, SEO and a general understanding of how the internet works, a person can start a ‘blogging’ business and make money.

How bloggers (blogger) earn money?Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

A great question for newbies. As an answer, the blog you are reading right now is a real life example of a money making blogger.

   The purpose of this guide is: To dispel newbie misconceptions and to introduce newbies to some valuable work methods and techniques that will contribute to your main goals for'Blogging'.

Before going into the details of how to start blogging, let me clarify a few things from now on. Blogging is not really an easy task, it involves the use of many techniques and time consuming process.

Who has a lot of perseverance and goal setting power. That person is one of the best in the world and can do this job to earn money.

The reward for building a successful blogging business is not just about money. Most important is a sense of accomplishment and not depending on anyone else.

    The real reward of blogging is the satisfaction of building a business based on your talents and strengths.
  1. Setup the blog by purchasing your own domain and hosting:
    This is probably the easiest step. Setting up a blog is very easy by registering a domain name and hosting plan. All you need to get it working is a bit of developer help and the right direction. Which you will find in our article. I won't go into details on how to set-up a blog, but the good news is that we have a complete WordPress blogging guide and support. For which we don't have to pay any money. However, premium support will require payment.
  2. How to register a domain and hosting?
    How to set-up WordPress?
    How to publish your first blog post?
    Only by knowing the answers to these questions you can start blogging successfully.
  3. It is normal to make mistakes in the beginning of blogging. You learn from your mistakes and And become proficient by revising them. When it comes to starting a blog, be sure to keep these tips in mind. Set your goals to make money online:
  4. Your goal should be to reach a point where you can start making money from your blog. You should never forget your goal. I mention it again. Because, from my experience, this is the most common mistake. A few days after the creation of the website When traffic doesn’t come, 90% of bloggers get frustrated. But there is no reason to despair.
  5. It can be solved by doing something simple. First of all the design of the website is important. Google may penalize your site for technical issues if the site design is not structured properly. That’s why site design is so important.
  6. Second you need to have your own domain and hosting: There is a big difference between free domain hosting and setting up a website on your own purchased premium domain and hosting. So make the right decision from the beginning and choose the right platform. A self-hosted WordPress website is your best choice and right platform to earn online.

Buy services from the best companies to buy domains and hosting. Never make the mistake of purchasing a powerful hosting plan.

   If you make a mistake, the start of your 'blogging' career will go in the wrong direction.  That's why new bloggers should host their blog on a strong fast hosting.


These are popular companies These companies are our recommended companies. But not that you need to purchase domain-hosting from these companies.

      You can purchase domain hosting from any good company of your choice.  Read the guidelines for more details.

If you have already started a blog, try to make everything as simple as possible. Don’t overcomplicate things.

    This is the crux of our discussion above. First, you need to purchase a fast hosting plan to create a website and setup a new site. 

          As a newbie you have a lot to learn and as you progress, you will learn about a lot of things.  So save time and energy to proceed with ease.

02: Start creating and publishing content: Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

In our previous discussion we discussed the guidelines for creating a suitable website for you. Now is the time for one of the most difficult and challenging tasks of blogging. Which acts as a very powerful element for your blog.

Remember, a blog with no content is worthless. Content is the main point of your blog. This is the most difficult task.

   A blog with great content is the best business to make money. Great content will help you gather traffic. Eventually, it will help you gain credibility and get you on the fast track to making money.

So, what is great content? Let’s take a look at this:

Blog content must be unique. Images, videos, infographics or audio elements are called content. Simply put all these elements. Truly, a great content means making your content easy for anyone to read in order to rank high on Google.

Great content should have the following characteristics:

99% must be unique content
Spelling and grammar must be correct
It will be visible
Must make sense
will be neutral
It is to understand/learn people

Your content can be called a great content if it has the above features.

03: Bring organic traffic to your blog: Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

       Let's go into detail about the process of collecting organic visitors. However, your first step was to register your own domain and hosting plan and set up your blog. 

       The second step was to post great quality content on the blog.  Now is the time to increase organic traffic to your blog.

What is organic traffic?

You need organic traffic to monetize your blog. Most of the organic traffic comes from Google. Organic traffic is more valuable than other visitors.

   The search that a user types into Google's search box has a clear purpose. Users may be looking for an answer to a question, want to learn something, or want to buy a product.

For example: a user asked “How many ways are there to earn from Bangla blog site?” Searching by typing this question. By this question it is clear that he is looking for a step by step guide on how to earn money from Bengali blog sites.

   Understanding the questions on the minds of users and creating informative content around those questions is the best way to get organic traffic from Google. 

         When you get it right, blog posts will rank high on Google.  And you will start getting organic traffic to your blog.

Let’s know some more important techniques:

How to get organic traffic to your blog?

Targeted organic traffic is the most valuable thing for your blog. Because, this will help you to earn a lot of money from Bangla blog site.

To get ‘Organic Visitors’ we ask you to pay attention to several things:

Create good content: Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

I have said this many times before and still say it. Because, good content is very essential element for website. Without it, your website is very weak. Content is the power of the site.

Do Technical SEO Properly:

Technical SEO is done to index the site in Google. So this matter can never be neglected. No matter how good content you create, Google won’t understand it if you don’t do technical SEO.

      As a result, there will be no chance of traffic coming to your website.

What to do for technical SEO?

Let’s find out, for example:

Site and page structure

URL structure

HTML Site Map

Using schema markup

Category Optimization

Page and tag optimization

Optimize site speed

Add Web Master Tools, etc.

Do On-Page SEO Right:

On-Page SEO Basics for Blogs There is no substitute for on-page SEO to increase your site traffic. This work should be done very seriously and with time. There is no rush when doing SEO.

What to do to do On Page SEO? Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

Let’s find out:

Optimize the title

Optimize meta titles and descriptions

Write a post with more than 300 words

Optimize images and videos

Use heading tags

Keep the post format correct

Outbound links

Adding internal links, etc.

Work on Off-Page SEO:

Off-page SEO is more important to increase visitors than all the techniques discussed so far to increase your organic traffic. This method plays a great role in increasing site visitors.

Off-page is a long lasting process. It cannot be started and finished.

Off-page SEO is:

The process of promoting your website on the web to increase awareness of your content, products and services is called off-page SEO.

Why is Off-Page SEO Necessary?

Gain credibility with search engines by using reference links from other sites to help with rankings.

As a result more organic visitors are obtained. The most popular and effective off-page SEO method is link building.

Search engine ranking algorithms are always looking for ways to understand website quality. Websites with good content, general site design and referral links are considered high quality by any search engine and especially Google.

        Websites with the best content are presented to their users by Google and other search engines.  To keep their users happy.

Link building is a complex topic and it is difficult for the beginners of blogging to understand. I understand this from my own experience, link building cannot be done at will.

What you should know about link building at this stage is:

It is not known how many backlinks a site needs to build in order to rank a post. But there are some premium tools through which you can get an idea of ​​how much link building is required.

        Link building should be done from websites that are highly ranked by Google that are related to your topic. You should definitely use white hat methods for link building.

The most popular link building methods are:

Backlinks created by guest posting.

Backlinks can be generated by guest posting on websites that are similar to your website’s topic.

Backlinking can be done with the help of website owners you know through good relationships.

Backlinks are very easy to get by posting on forums.

There are also many other methods.

04: Build a community around your brand:Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

Once a blog with great content is built and starts getting traffic. Your next step is to build a community around your brand.

However, this is a common mistake made by beginners. That is, this step is not considered important by beginners. As a result, the path of success is turned away.

      So building a community without trying to go straight to the money making part is the right thing for beginners.

What is community building for a blog?

Basically, creating a group of people who are waiting to read your writing and love you.

The most common ways to do this are:

Do Email Marketing:

Email Marketing Infographic 10 steps circle design. subscribe, compose mail, Blacklist, internet simple icons

Email marketing is very important for blogging. Eventually people who subscribe to your email list are a valuable asset to your blog.

    When you publish new posts on your blog, you can use your email list to inform them, get their feedback, and sell their products or services.

But you will not be able to generate sales from the first day you receive the email. You must first gain their trust by providing information through your emails.

Email marketing vector infographic template. Mass mailing. Business presentation design elements. Data visualization with five options. Process timeline chart. Workflow layout with linear icons
         In this way, they will have to pay attention to your blog regularly.In my case, 20% of my Affiliate Earner's monthly sales are generated through my email list.

Secondly, do Social Media Networking:

Some people don’t like receiving emails. On the other hand, they prefer to use social networks to read their news, communicate with their friends and generally spend most of their time online.

Therefore, you should integrate your targeted clients into social communities to get them to visit your blog site. There are many social media networks that you can use.

Remember, your goal will be to connect with people. Who seem likely to become potential visitors and subscribers to your blog.

Thirdly, use web push notifications:

This is another way to grow your community. Tell people who are registered for push notifications that you’ll send them a notification every time a new post is published.

Fourthly, allow comments:

Add a comment box to allow readers to provide feedback after reading your blog post. It gives your visitors the freedom to express themselves.

05: Start Earning by Selling Ads:Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

Have you noticed how many jobs you have to do to get your share of the money? This blog post will help you a lot about monetizing your blog.

You have to understand that you can’t make money from your blog until you get enough organic traffic.

I assume that you have completed the above tasks successfully. Find out now. How you can earn money online and how to reward yourself for all your hard work.

Earn from Google Adsense by selling ad space:

I always admit the fun of Adsense! For more than 3 years I have been earning online through Adsense. Google Adsense is one of the best ways to make money online even though there are many other options for earning.

   However, I am using adsense on my blog and earn money doing affiliate marketing as well.

Here are some things you should know about making money with Adsense:

This is the simple and reliable way:

Adsense is very easy to use and reliable. All you need is a blog with great content and lots of traffic. You add AdSense to your blog and when people click on an ad on your blog you get paid 68% of the money paid to advertisers (the remaining 32% goes to Google to manage this service).

Eventually, it is reliable method. Because, you know that Google will pay you on time and they will help you to protect the system from fraud and spam.

How to use it on your blog? Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

 First choose an ad network. The most popular ad network among both bloggers and advertisers is Google’s AdSense. There are also other networks like BidVertiser, Infolinks.

 Apply to be an ad publisher on the network of your choice. Along with other information, your bank account where the commission money will be sent should also be given in the application form, so keep those details ready.

   You will be sent a mail from the ad network if your application is approved.

 You will then be sent the ad code which you will publish on your blog. You can publish it anywhere you like, like you can put it in the middle of the text or in the sidebar of the text.

   Within two hours of you placing the ad code, it will be published on your blog by the ad network and the ad will appear on your blog.

   Your work is done.  Now, if your readers click on that ad, the money will be credited to your account.  How Much Money You Can Earn Earnings range from 0.01 to 50 US dollar

What kind of ads to display on the blog? How many times will it be displayed? How will the ads appear? You can choose it.

How much money can you earn from Adsense?

How much money you can earn from Adsense depends on three factors:

Depending on the amount of organic traffic

By placing ads in the right places and

on the amount of advertising.

When is it best for you to use Adsense?

News portals, magazines, newspapers, forums, etc. Use Adsense on such websites. Use Adsense on healthy lifestyle niche websites (fitness blogs, weight loss, etc.). Use Adsense on websites that have a lot of visitors.

06: Make money by selling your own product or service: Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

I mentioned above about making money using adsense on blogs. But my purpose of this guideline is not to make money from advertisement.

Sharing my guidelines to earn money by promoting SEO courses and digital marketing services or selling your own digital products through your website. Because, in this method you can earn 3 times more than Adsense.

Just think: What happens when you earn money by showing ads on your blog?

You only get a portion of the money, as 30% goes to the ad management company. And advertising companies are earning a huge chunk of your content and hard work.

So you should create and sell your own products or services to increase your income.

You will get a full share of the profits. Of course it sounds easy. But if you don’t have the skills and tenacity, then you can earn money with Google AdSense.

If you have skills, sell your products and services. Selling your products is the best way to build a lasting online business.

07: Make Money With Affiliate Marketing: Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

This is the best way for me to earn from blogging. Another best way to make money from a blog is to earn commissions through affiliate marketing.
This method is commonly known as affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing can be a very good way to earn. You need to promote a product or service by writing a blog. Be careful in choosing the product or service.

You need to understand what your readers might want to buy. This requires research and analysis. Also be careful while promoting, the reader comes to your blog to read your writing, he can get bored if he sees product or service promotion all the time.

How does it work?

The link to the product or service should be published on your blog along with the article. When the reader clicks on that link or buys you will get commission.

How to use it on your blog? Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

 First choose which product or service you want to market. Some of the popular affiliate networks are Clickbank, OMG India, Troo Trac media. There are also opportunities to directly join companies like Flipkart or Amazon as a marketing affiliate.

 Go to the preferred website and fill the application form. You may need to state at the time of application what strategies and methods you have adopted for marketing.

 Most websites give a decision within 24-72 hours whether your application has been accepted or not. Once the application is accepted, you can log into your affiliate account and choose the appropriate link for your blog.

After adding the appropriate link or ad to your blog, see if it is working properly.

 You are now ready to earn as an affiliate. Then whenever someone clicks on that link or buys the product or service you get a commission.

How much money can you get? – You can get 2.5 percent to 50 percent of the sale price. The commission rate depends on the product or website.

For example, if you advertise on Flipkart, the commission you will get if a customer buys a mobile phone is much higher than if someone buys clothes.

Earn more

In Brief : Is It Possible to Make Affordable Money From Blogging?

Let’s take a few steps to get started:

Find out which products you want to promote

You register for their affiliate marketing program (you will receive a unique link and banner when the application is accepted.)

Add a link/banner to your blog

When someone clicks on the link and buys a service they will share the commission with you.

Feels good doesn’t it?

Well, it’s not as easy as it sounds. You must first find the right products to promote. Test whether your readers and community are willing to pay to buy the products you offer. So if you get satisfactory results then you should start long-lasting work.

A few things to know before getting into affiliate marketing:

Don’t promote products or services that you don’t personally use. If you don’t want to lose your user’s trust. Only promote personal products that you know will help your readers. Google doesn’t like to monetize websites or blog sites using affiliate links.

That’s why your website should work in a way that provides real value to the user without being too promotional. If you’ve built a website with WordPress, you’ll benefit greatly from using your affiliate links properly.

8. Sell an eCourse

If any person loves your products or services enough, they’re incredibly possibly to favor to study more about you and your methods. If you’ve acquired some remarkable guidelines and tricks to share about anything you blog about, your target audience may want to be inclined to purchase an eCourse from you.

eCourses to make money running a blog with wordpress

Online guides are insanely convenient to set up with LMS plugins. We endorse the usage of MemberPress. It’s a membership plugin and an on-line path builder, all-in-one!

And the coolest phase is that you can work on your course upfront. Then launch it and get recurring passive earnings whenever any person buys the course.

Monetizing your blog long-term is less difficult to do with passive earnings like this. Especially due to the fact eCourses promote at a a good deal higher charge than other premium digital content material like ebooks.

9. ebooks marketing

You nevertheless shouldn’t shy away from publishing an e-book to make cash blogging with digital products.

For one, it’s genuinely convenient to do. You can use a plugin like Easy Digital Downloads to make promoting your e-book wonderful simple.

Make cash running a blog with ebooks

And, ebooks are a clever way to make cash running a blog due to the fact they’re insanely convenient to create. If you already have some famous posts on your blog, you can repurpose that content material into an ebook. This is a frequent way bloggers make ebooks fast.

Plus, you can additionally self-publish your e-book on Kindle Direct Publishing so human beings can locate it on Amazon. This can assist deliver traffic to your weblog and construct your brand.

If you figure out to promote your ebook on your personal website, think about monitoring your CTA button clicks. That way, you can see which pages are most fantastic in riding sales.

  1. Start a Podcast
    A simple way to make an target audience fall in love with you and your company is to hear your voice. Consider the use of WordPress podcasting plugins to create episodes where you share a little bit about yourself.

podcast on your blog

You can share affiliate codes over your podcast, plus run specific campaigns and send customers to dedicated landing form pages to make sales.

  1. Create Members Only Content
    The best way to money in on promoting ‘members only’ or ‘gated’ content material is to begin a membership website.

It’s a extremely good way to get recurring profits through charging a monthly membership fee. Tools like MemberPress can assist you set this up without problems on your WordPress website.

memberpress membership pluginCheck out our post on how to create a membership website without difficulty for more.

  1. Sell Freelance Services
    Another outstanding way to make cash running a blog on WordPress is to highlight and promote freelance services. You can without difficulty put collectively a ‘Hire Me’ web page to highlight your skills. Here’s an instance from website owner Elna Cain:

Make money running a blog with freelancing

If you’ve gotten amazing with WordPress, you can coach or consult on that. Maybe you have a knack for copywriting and blog writing.

Whatever you’re appropriate at, a WordPress website is the fantastic location to provide and promote those freelance services online.

To make it extra bucks on yourself so you don’t get burdened about all. The earnings streams you’ve obtained coming in from your website, you can use a solution like Freshbooks to maintain track.

  1. Accept Donations
    Sometimes the best way to get something is to ask. Keep in mind that most human beings are much more possibly to provide you their cash if you make it less difficult for them to do it.

You can set up a pre-built donation form right on your WordPress website if you’d like to accept donations online.

And, you can constantly create multiple donation pages for things like one-time donations, recurring payments, or tributes and memorials.

make money blogging with donations

Here are some extra donation web page examples if you want some ideas to get started.

  1. Book Appointments with Contact Forms
    A genuinely smart way to make money from running a blog is to add an appointment booking form to your website if you provide in-person services.

This is extremely good for people in the beauty enterprise or others who might also be making an attempt to discover more consumers via developing a website.

Besides, clients love filling out online forms versus having to call you for an appointment.

Appointments plugin integrates with google Calendar. So, you can even connect your booking form to Google Calendar to remain on top of your schedule as you bring in more money from your site.

15. Sell Sponsored Post

Sell Sponsored Posts
If you don’t do it too often, publishing a sponsored post that any person paid you to write is a great, convenient way to make money blogging.

Be cautious not to overdo it and lose your audience’s hard-earned trust. Check out how to add a sponsored post prefix to a publish title in WordPress to make sure your target market knows it’s a sponsored post.

Next, Integrate Your Site With PayPal. There it is! We hope this listing of the pinnacle methods to make cash running a blog on WordPress .

Besides helped you locate some excellent matters to assist you monetize your website. You’ll additionally love listing of pinnacle PayPal integrations for your site.

How to start blogging? Did you get the answer to the question? I think it is clear to you.

Hope, how to start blogging? Question answered. Making money from blogging is not a theoretical task. Thousands of bloggers are making money with their own products/services or affiliate marketing, without using Google Ads.

Hope you like this article. If you have any questions about anything else, please contact the Gmail

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