Great Truth Reveals, POK is actually a Foreign Land

Dr. Sushil K. Rudra 02.06.2024


Great Truth Reveals, POK is actually a Foreign Land

The recent kidnapping of Ahmed Farhad Shah, a renowned Kashmiri poet and Journalist, has sent shockwaves through the literary community and sparked international concern. Shah, known for his poignant verses that often explored the complexities of identity and belonging in the troubled region of Kashmir, has been missing for several days now. The circumstances surrounding his disappearance remain shrouded in mystery, with conflicting reports emerging from the authorities and local sources.

Some Claims : Great Truth Reveals, POK is actually a Foreign Land

While some claim that he was abducted by unknown assailants, others suggest a possible involvement of security forces, adding a layer of suspicion and fear to the situation. The international community has expressed deep concern over Shah’s fate. They are calling for his immediate release and urging the authorities to investigate the matter thoroughly. The incident has also highlighted the precarious situation of artists and writers in Kashmir, who often face intimidation and threats for expressing their views.

Therefore, the world is holding its breath, hoping for Shah’s safe return and a swift resolution to this disturbing case. The disappearance of a prominent poet, particularly a foreign citizen, underscores the volatile nature of the region and the need for greater transparency and accountability from all parties Involved.

Mystery & Controversy:

The circumstances surrounding the kidnapping of Kashmiri poet Ahmed Farhad Shah remain shrouded in mystery and controversy. While official statements point to his abduction by unknown assailants, many suspect a more sinister hand at play.

Eventually, Shah, a vocal critic of the government and a proponent of Kashmiri autonomy, had openly challenged the status quo through his evocative poetry, which often addressed the political and social realities of the region. His work resonated with many, particularly young people, and his growing influence potentially posed a threat to authorities.

Some believe that his outspokenness led to his disappearance, potentially orchestrated by security forces or pro-government groups seeking to silence dissenting voices.

Others speculate that rival factions within the Kashmiri independence movement might have been involved, driven by internal power struggles or differing ideologies.

However, without concrete evidence, it remains impossible to definitively pinpoint the culprits or the motive behind Shah’s kidnapping. The lack of transparency and the prevailing climate of fear and intimidation in the region only add to the ambiguity surrounding this distressing incident.

The ongoing uncertainty surrounding Shah’s fate has left a deep sense of unease and fear within the Kashmiri community. These are highlighting the precarious state of free expression and the dangers confronted through folks that dare to undertaking the set up order.

Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, including the Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), have long been accused of playing a role in the disappearance and kidnapping of individuals in Pakistan and occupied Kashmir. The case of Kashmiri poet and journalist, Ahmed Faraz Shah, is no different. Shah, who was known for his outspoken views on the political situation in Kashmir, went missing in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir in 2016.

Great Truth Reveals, POK is actually a Foreign Land

According to reports, Shah was kidnapped by unidentified men in Srinagar, the summer capital of Jammu and Kashmir. His family and friends allege that the ISI was behind his disappearance, as Shah had been critical of Pakistan’s handling of the Kashmir issue and had also written articles and poems that were critical of Pakistan’s military establishment.

The ISI has been accused of involvement in the kidnapping of several other Kashmiri activists and journalists, who have either been released after being tortured or have never been heard from again. The agency is believed to have a strong presence in Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and is accused of maintaining a network of informers and agents who keep an eye on anyone who is seen as a threat to Pakistan’s interests in the region.

The role of Pakistan’s intelligence agencies in the disappearance of Kashmiri activists and journalists is a matter of concern for human rights organizations, who have called for independent investigations into these cases. The Pakistani government has denied any involvement of its intelligence agencies in such activities, but the evidence suggests otherwise.

The disappearance of Ahmed Faraz Shah is a stark reminder of the dangers that journalists and activists face in Pakistan and occupied Kashmir. It also highlights the need for greater transparency and accountability from Pakistan’s intelligence agencies, who are supposed to protect the country’s interests, not silence its critics. Until there is progress in this regard, it is unlikely that the families of the missing will find the answers they are looking for, or that those responsible for these crimes will be brought to justice.200 Years of Birthday celebration of Bengali First Modern Poet Madhusudan Dutt

The Advocate General of Pakistan, Salman Akram Raja, has taken a strong stance against the recent kidnapping of the prominent Kashmiri poet, Ahmed Farhad Shah. He has condemned the act as a violation of international law and a gross human rights violation. He has called for the immediate release of Shah and has urged the relevant authorities to take swift action to ensure his safety and well-being. He has also emphasized the importance of respecting the freedom of expression and the right to dissent, and has condemned any attempts to suppress dissenting voices through abductions or other illegal means. Raja’s stance has been met with widespread support from the Pakistani legal community and civil society organizations, who have also called for the prompt and unconditional released of Shah.

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