The Best & Fabulous Sea Beach You Can Enjoy

Dr. Sushil Rudra Durgapur Steel City, India 24.12.2023

Best Sea Beach Town

I have published a post in my blog on Digha Sea Beach town. I informed about hotel near Sea Beach. Actually Bay of Bengal gifts us some beautiful and marvelous Sea Beaches in Bengal.

So, Digha is undoubtedly most prominent as well popular in this region after Puri Sea Beach. Although Puri is famous for its pious and serene Jagannath Mandir and also for attractive sea beach.

Mandarmani Sea Beach: Fabulous Sea Beach You Can Enjoy

But Digha is a local sea beach where all classes of people used to visit. However, it is overcrowded. Hotels, guesthouses and food stalls, restaurants are huge so everything is available there.

To get some fresh air and isolation, we decided to visit another two three sea beaches near Digha Sea Beach. We stayed Digha 2 days.

First night we reserved Digha railway retiring room. It’s very nice. After spending one night, next day morning we shifted in a hotel near Sea beach.

Our Next Destination:Fabulous Sea Beach You Can Enjoy

After taking bath we reserved a Toto vehicle and started visiting Mohana, the fishing hubs and fish market. Next our destination was Shankarpur Sea Beach. It is not crowded. But very peaceful and serene. So we spent a lot of time.

Second day, we decided to visit Mondarmoni Sea Beach. It’s 27 km away from Digha. Mondarmoni is a village in Contai( Kanthi) subdivision. Previously this place name was Mondarboni. But after detecting the sea beach, it’s named as Mondarmoni.

Mondarmoni Sea Beach is a flat Sea Beach. Just like Puri Sea Beach. There are no bolders like Digha Sea Beach. We explored some hotels there on the Sea Beach of Mondarmoni.

On returning way, we came to Tajpur Sea Beach. This Sea Beach is well designed and decorated. We walked on the sea beach. There’s a river one side and other side is sea. It’s similar to Mohona Beach.

Our taxi driver was a very good person. He purchased this car and we are the first passengers hired it. He is very honest and spiritualistic. He expressed his life story how he looked after his parents. The Best Tourist Spot Paren: A Remarkable Offbeat Wonderland

Although he’s one of the three sons. But other two brothers are not serious about their parents when they were in crisis. They’re no more in this world.

Localities On the Sea Beach Areas

We noticed that the lives of the people of sea beach villages. They’re very poor. Fishing and agriculture are their means of earning for livelihood. Tsunami and cyclones occasionally disrupt their lives.10 Top Trending Travel Destinations for 2024 – Only 1 In US

Mandarmani Sea Beach: Fabulous Sea Beach You Can Enjoy

This Mondarmoni tour’s duration was only two and half hour. We started from Digha at 2:00 pm and returned to Digha hotel at 4:00 pm.

The taxi rent was only 1 thousand rupees. Not so expensive. So whenever you come here to visit Mondarmoni from Digha, I am sure you will bargain with the Taxi driver. Otherwise they will demand more. Sea beach of Digha and Hotels near Sea beach

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