Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R in USA and UK 2023

Another upcoming best & cutest car Alpine A 110 R recently has been announced. Renault-owned has announced an evolution of the A110.

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It’s a heritage-inspired coupe powered by a mid-mounted engine, decked out in carbon fibre and fitted with a long list of racing-derived components.

It’s not too far-fetched to argue that the A110 didn’t need to lose weight; It weighs about the same as a Mazda MX-5 Miata in its heaviest configuration at about 2,456 pounds.

Alpine still puts the coupe on a diet, and the A110 R tips the scale at 2,385 pounds.

The Spec List : Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R in the USA

The spec parts list includes a carbon fibre hood, 18-inch carbon fibre wheels that channel more cooling air to the brakes and carbon fibre inserts that replace the rear window.

Inside, the company added a pair of single-shell sub belt seats made of carbon fibre and six-point harnesses.

Alpine tried to accelerate faster A110 more than before. It guesses that they can chip the engine. They didn’t.

The new A110 R will have the same 300bhp engine as the A110 S. But the rest.

The details they’ve played.

The result is a car that engineers say ‘feels very different on the track’ than the A110 S.

Of course, it’s still a street car with numberplates and all. But a noisier, less comfortable and convenient one.

You can’t see the back, as the entire rear screen has been replaced by a panel of carbon fibre. Yes, some of those detail changes are pretty big details.

Let’s start with the raw numbers. Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R

Then look at the intricacies of how Alpine achieved them.

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Engineers also went to considerable lengths to improve the A110’s handling. The R model gets a wind tunnel-engineered body kit. It includes a front splitter, side skirts, a rear spoiler in swan-neck-shaped mounts and a wide rear diffuser.

There’s more to it than initially meets the eye. The underside is completely flat. All told, these parts add about 64 pounds of down force when dragging by 5%.

From a turbocharged power comes, 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine that produces 300 horsepower at 6,300 pm and 251 pound-feet of torque from 2,400 to 6,000 rpm.

Alpine quotes a 0-to-62-mph time of 3.9 seconds and a 177-mph top speed. Brembo brakes keep power in check.

There is also a revised suspension system with adjustable shock absorbers helps enthusiasts get the most out of the A110 R.

As sound is a vital thing of the sports car, Alpine removed the valve from the exhaust system to allow drivers to better hear the engine.

Alpine hasn’t announced pricing information, but don’t get your hopes up: There’s no suggestion the A110 R will be sold in the US.

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image:iStock/ Best & Cutest car Alpine A 100 R in USA

It weighs only 1,082 kg. It’s certainly usefully lighter than other A110 versions. Moreover, it is lighter than comparable mid-engined two-seaters.

A base-model Cayman, also a 300bhp four-cylinder turbo with the twin-clutch transmission, weighs 1,440 kg.

Cayman 300 bhp of its 1.8-litre engine is sufficient to have it to 62mph in 3.9 seconds, according to Alpine’s measurements. It has strong Brakes with Brembos.

image:iStock / Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R in the USA

If the longitudinal forces in going and stopping are improved by the lower weight and the expected work of braking, the lateral forces are exceptional labour advantages. It makes it different from other.

For that, Alpine called its racing department. The A110 R spent a lot of time flying in Enstone’s Formula One wind tunnel. Its carbon composite absorption also requires motorsport expertise.

Most of the new parts shaped by the former are made by the latter.

The new bonnet has intakes and outlets to reduce low pressure in front of the screen. Barge boards around the sills keep air from rolling under the body, and the new flat floor and diffuser help increase efficiency. It’s a bigger thing than before.

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The panel that replaces the rear screen also has the intake, because when they removed the engine cover for the sake of lightness, the flow of cooling air had to be fixed.

The rear wing is the same as the optional one on the A110 S, but here it is mounted further back, on a race-type swan-neck pillar. Both of these things give it a good ability for downforce.

This means a slight increase in downforce at the front and a larger one at the rear, which makes it more stable in fast corners.

image:iStock / Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R in USA

And still, aerodynamic efficiency is improved: the A110 drags less than the S. So the top speed increases. 177mph if you have space.

Note that the A110 is usually skinned in aluminium, which in itself is heavy stuff. But for the R’s new panel, only the racer material will do.

Carbonfibre is used for the bonnet, roof, rear screen, diffuser and tail spoiler as well as small items including skirts and splitters.

More information: Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R in USA

There are more. The wheels are also carbon fibre. It saves a total of 12.5 kg of unsprung rolling mass, which is a very good kind of mass to save.

This improves the ride and grip because the wheel can follow the ground better and makes it happier to turn because there is less gyroscopic force.

The wheels have an inner spoke structure and an outer dress.

The fronts are designed to suck air after the brakes, the more closed rear design is all about cutting drag.

They are built using a new process that engineers say is ‘closer to mass production than the two-seater Meganes, the RS Trophy-R’s largest handcrafted items.

They are wrapped in semi-sticky tires. These Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 works in themselves are supposed to improve the track by around 0.8 seconds per mile.

If you’re a true track obsessive, you can remove the wheels and adjust the dampers and ride height. And then, to get everything dialled in—so you’ll repeat the process several times that day for that particular track and weather. Oh well, maybe not…

The rest of the flexible suspension, springs and anti-roll bars are also stiffer than any other A110.

image: iStock/ Best & Cutest Car Alpine A 110 R

This is done in a way that makes it slightly more oversteer, so in tight corners, it will dart more sharply through turns.

At high speeds, changes in aero balance should suppress oversteer. Because who wants a 100mph spin? Especially when they can’t see backwards.

With all these crazy grips you’re going to need to hold on tight. The new seats hug your ribs and thighs deeply. And their shell is carbon fibre. In addition, their padding is lightweight to the point of almost non-existence.

The four-point harness is great for a day at the track, if less convenient for a morning trip to the boulangerie. The door trim is lightened, with woven pulls instead of armrests.

The central display screen hasn’t been binned and has new music telemetry apps. More prosaically, however genuinely greater often used given you have no rear glass, is its reversing camera.

Engine music is going to be a big thing. Engine-bay sound insulation has been chucked to the side in the name of shedding a few kilos. The exhaust is loud.

Besides, in search of lightness, it does away with powered flaps which usually reduce noise at low revs.

The tailpipes are 3D printed, enabling a shape that cools them better and limits outside noise.


Inside, it houses the typical A110 resonator pipe that transports the intake tunes directly to and from your ears.

Each and everyone loves the A110 as a road car. Because it’s of supple, fluid pace and its sympathetic sense of humour.

 Would it be good for all this serious hardcore focus? If you want me to guess, it mnot be be on the road. But definitely yes on the track.

It will be a minority of its time, but it is a priority that is important to buyers.

And a car like this reminds us that the company is a serious motorsport player.

It has a Formula One team and a significant endurance racing presence, as well as connections to Renault’s electrification.

It would also legitimize, among other things, the electric hot-hatch and crossover, which Alpine would have a extra features.

The A110 skin is usually in aluminium. So it is unheavy stuff. But for the R’s new panels, solely the racer’s cloth will do.

Carbonfibre is used for the bonnet, roof, rear screen, diffuser and tail spoiler, as nicely as soon.


And a vehicle like this reminds us the employer is a serious motorsport player.

With the different stuff, the electric powered hot-hatches and crossovers, that Alpine will be constructing earlier than long.

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Of course, it’s still a road car with numberplates and all. But a noisier, less comfortable and convenient one.

You can’t see backwards, because the entire rear screen is replaced by a panel of carbon fibre.

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