” Fair” meaning in Bengali ” Mela “. Mela is a place of assimilation. Peoples come together for enjoyment here , or to purchase something. Some visit to get various types of foods, drinks, dessert etc. Bengal Mela in Winter is a regular feature in West Bengal.

Bengal Mela in winter is like a social ceremony. Every year local committees organize various types of Mela. It’s Agricultural Mela, Handicraft Mela, Food fair, Pous Mela, Book Fair etc.

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Mela(fair) in Winter is a special event. So we wait for it to enjoy with friends.

In fact, Winter in Bengal remains as a foreigners. It lingers very short period.

With numerous birds from aboard

seasonally come to visit here in Bengal. They take shelter in the lakes of Bengal.

Spreading their presence with their beautiful

songs. It’s in different scale and voice. It spreads a divine environment around the Places.

As a result, tourists from different corner of Bengal and other provinces used to visit there with their families.

Bengal Mela(fair)in winter is a special ceremony here. So there are choruibhati(feast in the remote places), the special events in Winter.

I have lots of memories of it. Every year I used to attend so many feasts (Choruibhati)in my school life with my friends.

In Bengal, groups of men and women,

Boys and girls are busy to travel with buses.

But some used to travel by private vehicles. They travel to Mythan, Masanjore to see the natural beauty of hilly barridge. Mostly are in the borders of Bengal and Jharkhand.

Some are visiting to Shantiniketan, the magnificent – Tagore’s paradise!

To see pousmela and Bouls of Bengal.

As Winter comes with a gorgeous dress and bitter cold.

So peoples are to dresses in warm clothing.

But poor people can’t afford it. So they are sufferings from a cold and cough. They have to face hurdles in this winter blow and ultimately die.

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Winter special mela begins in Durgapur.

Bengal Melà in Winter/

So we visit the Sweet fest where lots of stalls temporarily start their Shops.

Where visitors gather to taste sitabhog

Or nalen gurer sandesh , mihidana and

various kind of sweets. It’s of different places

Of Bengal. Someone tasting Biriani with chicken curry. Last year we tasted it. But that was not good at all. So, I don’t wañt to have it.

As I am fond of sweets, so I first started to taste the famous Sitabhog of Bardhaman. Next, I tasted the langcha of Shaktigarh.

My daughter standing in front of a aachar shop

tasting almost all the aanchar. And eager to purchase two of these. These are very tasty.

Consequently, we enjoy the day long .

Hence, Winter means Christmas festival, mela and choruibhati.

And traveling with friends in historical places.

It’s Hajarduary of Murshidabad or Bandel Church.

Eventually, it stimulates monotonous life with great joy.

But the poor people can’t enjoy it.

Hence, they wait for summer. Because They couldn’t manage woolly garments for the bitter winter. However, we never miss Bengali Mela(fair) in Winter.

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