Bengal Election 2021: An unprecedented battle

Bengal Election 2021 : an unprecedented battle is going to happen in West Bengal . This election is undoubtedly a ever – remembered incident in the political history . Because the battle is of two rivals between TMC and BJP.

You know that before this election some popular leaders of TMC has left ministry as well as party . And they joined under the flagship of BJP. Now the fight is going to happen in between TMC Supremo Mamata Banerjee and the newly joined in BJP, formerly Minister of West Bengal government, Sri Subhendu Adhikary. They are fighting for Nandigram Assembly with each other. It is the most attractive and amazing battle no doubt.

Three days before Mamata Banerjee submitted nomition to contest against BJP candidate, Subhendu Adhikary in Nandigram Constituency. Today , Mr. Adhikary has also submitted nomition before the SDO office in Nandigram, Mednipur along with Tapasi Nandi , the another BJP candidate contesting in another constituency of this district.

Mamata Banerjee wounded that day when she was returning from the temple. So she had to return Kolkata for treatment of foot injury. She told that some 4 to 5 persons intentionally hurt her and there is an wounds in her left foot and also on the frontal head. She confessed that the injury is serious .

She is now under treatment in Kolkata SSKM hospital and according to hospital authority she is at present okay . Actually Mamata Banerjee was in the front seat . And opening the door she was making social connections with the crowds. Therefore, the accident took place .

As ill luck would have it , there was an iron post on the way. When her bullet proof Scorpio slowly moving by the roadside , then the accident took place.

Opposite of the place where the accident took place, there is a sweet shop. Having collected some ice and water and using it for primary treatment the wounded leader returned to SSKM, though she previously mentioned that she will stay there at Nandigram.

.However, after this incident , TMC leaders: MPs Saugata Roy , Partha Chatterji, Derek Obroy, Dr Kakali Ghoshdastidar, Satabdi Roy reached to Kolkata commission office And They submitted their grievances to the election commissioner . They lodged a complain there . They said that this incident was not an accident. It is rather a pre-planned incident. The BJP did it to assaulting to Mamata Banerjee. Besides they also complained against the EC that they didn’t provide sufficient police and guards for her safety.

The Election authority informed the TMC leaders that it’s not their responsibility to give security to any candidate. The Home Ministry of the State government is to provide security to the chief minister.


But the TMC MPs are not happy in this reply and so a group of leaders went to Delhi Election office to complaint against this incident . They demand of the investigation of the incident which is ridiculous. The public, when interviewed by the press media, told that it happens accidentally. There is no conspiracy . When she waved her hand to the crowd, suddenly the half – opened door being obstructed by a roadside iron, hurt her leg.

Today the Doctors released Chief Minister from the hospital. Although he is not totally sound in body. She didn’t want to stay at hospital. So, she returned to her home at kalighat.


She can’t kill her valuable time. TMC supremo is the only candidate to campaign against BJP. She is determine to propaganda in all assemblies . So it is Herculean task to reach out to every constituencies from east to west and south to north Bengal.

Shuvendu is already campaigning. No doubt, he is a competent candidate in Nandigram. Moreover, he is a local. So he has some extra benefits.

This Bengal Election 2021: an unprecedented battle is going to happen mainly between the BJP and TMC. Most people are wanting a change in government. Corruption Is almost at every level of the party. They are the TMC leaders from MP, MLA to Panchayat level’s leaders.

Common people don’t realise how these leaders are making money and properties. They are taking cut money from poor people. Like Aamphan assistance, poor people had to provide 75%( 15 thousands) of money to TMC Counsellors and they have got only 25% (5 thousand). This is very unjust.

Besides, her nephew, MP Abhishek Banerjee is not clean like Mamata Ji. We came to know from genuine sources that he managed lots of expensive properties within his MP tenure.

Mr. Abhishek is now 32/33 . But He has managed plenty of flats and houses of crores Rs. . Even he uses a car of the high cost. Recently CBI went to his house to interact with his wife. They are sure that the coal scam money has gone to his wife and sister in law’s bank account.

Bengal Election 2021: An unprecedented battle

Bengal Election 2021: An unprecedented battle
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Bengal Election 2021 is in door step. This is a vital battle between the two parties TMC and BJP. Recently Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee having wounded during campaign after submitting nomination in Nandigram and admitted to SSKM hospital in Kolkata.
Bengal Election 2021 is in door step. This is a vital battle between the two parties TMC and BJP. Recently Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee having wounded during campaign after submitting nomination in Nandigram and admitted to SSKM hospital in Kolkata.

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