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The Experience Of Facing Depression

Dr Sushil Kumar Rudra

Steel City Durgapur

My dear Readers, Today, I am going to portray a real story of a rural guy who had to face a bitter experience of depression from his childhood. That’s why the title of this post is” The Experience of Facing Depression”.

Like other village boys, he had to spend his life and regular activities in a rural atmosphere. He was very gentle and sophisticated. His father was a landlord and his mother was a housewife. Therefore, they had a big family. His parents gave birth to six sons and three daughters. Even his widow aunty along with her sons and grandsons usually lived in this big brick-built house.

So the youngest son of the family did not feel any isolation. Though physically he was not very strong. Let’s learn from his mouth how they spent their lives and especially how he had the experience of facing depression. I hope, my readers would enjoy the story.

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The Experience Of Facing Depression:

” I spent my life in a big middle-class family. My father was a landlord and used to stay at the village home. Though we have a home in Sadar or district town in Murshidabad. You all know the history of Murshidabad. The last Nawab of Bengal – Bihar and Odisha, Nawab Sirajudullya had reigned in the Crown during the Mughal period and died in the battle of Plassey.

Murshidabad is the district name, but there is a little town by the name ” Murshidabad”/ Lalbag (the other name of the town ). It’s once the Kingdom of Bengal – Bihar and Odisha. You probably know the history of Murshidabad. How Britishers made a conspiracy with the help of Mirjafar and defeated Nawab of Murshidabad.

That’s another story. So let’s stop it. But there is a similarity of our lives with the previous story. Because my father lost his all property due to new rules made by the then ruling party.

” Though my father was a landlord, the whole life did not spend in the same flow. Suddenly, he had to face economic trouble due to a government injunction rules. The Government at that time passed a rule that no one should possessed more than 75 bighas of agricultural land.

Moreover, CPM party leaders came to our village and they instigated village folks( mostly Mohamedan ) to snatch away the lands from the landlord. Therefore, they forcibly snatched away the lands which was legally ours. Absolutely, this was a bad time for our family. A few years it took time to be normal .

Eventually, it was anarchism in politics. Jyoti Basu was then the Chief Minister of West Bengal. Therefore, our Mahamedan neighbours took this opportunity. They became ferocious at that time. Not all of them, but largely turned into opposition. The situation was such that our family members, especially women didn’t allow outside in broad daylight.

Even it impacts to us. We are then very child, mere a school going boy. Naturally, I was then very nervous. My father’s physical and mental health declined due to this political violence. Eventually, he was forced to become a political victim. Being vested all the property he had to wrap up with deep but silent depressions.

During my teens, I had to experience this situation. Our financial condition was gradually going to worse. Hence, my father became frustrated with the situation he faced with. And ultimately depression wrapped around him and he became a patient of depression.

Gradually we came to our townhouse and took admission in a famous degree college. My immediate elder brother was then a graduate student in the same college. He was a student of the morning season and I’m in the day section as an honours student.

Previously, I have spoken about my father’s bad pecuniary conditions. So our college expenditures were a lot of extra pressure on him. Though we have tried to minimise our expenses. We used to furnish our regular meal ( Lunch & Dinner) with self labour. Never went to hotels for that purpose.

I think we had done a lot for my father sake. After completing three years of graduation from my native town, both the brothers had been shifted to Kolkata ( then Calcutta) for higher education( PG ) and took admission to the University of Calcutta.

My elder brother, who is now a senior Advocate, took already admissionn one year ago to Rabindra Bharati University in Jorasanko, Calcutta.

During our higher education, my one elder brother was a serviceman in Odisha, Jajpur in Talpada Iron Ore Project. Therefore, he used to send money every month for our hostel fee. Though it’s not sufficient for us. My father also gave me some money, not regularly it was.

This was a very crucial time for us. Very tightly we have spent money. Sometimes I used to have a very cheap meal at night. You know that Kolkata is a very cheap city other than Delhi, Mumbai, Bangaluru.

So we have spent there very cautiously. On the other hand, I have been spending a joyful life. I was very popular in the department because of my singing. We have three sections. Almost all my classmates loved me very much. Occasionally, they requested me to sing a song.

Even my eminent teachers knew me for my singing. But I never took any undue advantages from them. I might have been approached before them for giving me sufficient marks. Some of my classmates utilised it, but I couldn’t.

I never express some of my health ailments. (Read also:Mind – Brain and Depression). In my early years, I have been suffering from chronic dysentery and indigestion. I am recalling the days of my childhood when I had been suffering from blood dysentery. For a long time, I didn’t tell, my parents. But all of a sudden it was exposed to all.

Dr. Pal starts allopathic treatment first of all. He was our House surgeon, an experienced Doctor. He treated me with medicine and pushed injection. But it cured temporarily. Therefore, I had to have homoeopathic treatment for a long time, but not fully cured.

One day my Jethima ( the wife of my father’s elder brother) brought a ” Tabitch” – a folk medicine which is powered by mantra( divine words) and said to put on. Surprisingly, within a day or two, I felt well and gradually became normal. I don’t know whether my readers believe or not !

There is another incident that I had to face in the very early years of my life. It’s also a physical ailment. I was suffering from typhoid and it took almost one month to get recover.
Both the ailments massively influenced me. And I would believe that I am less strong than others. In spite of that, I regularly practised Football, Cricket, Ha Du Du and other rural games.

There is another incident. It is an accident. I got burned out by the hot oil when accidentally the hot iron Kadai ( utensil ) slipped away from my hands. My elder brother admitted to the emergency word in hospital for three days and it took almost one month to be cured. It occurred before my final examination of graduation.

So my physical health was not well enough, though I have completed my graduation successfully.

Mentally I was weak then. But continued my study in Calcutta University . Previously I told that my University days were very joyful. But unfortunately, fever attacked me . The local Doctor prescribed me some medicines. After taking it, my fever came down , but my neck turned back. Immediately, my fellow hostel mates and some local brothers shifted me to National Medical College.

I became normal after taking a medicine. I returned to my home. It was also before my final examination of M.A.

Just before examination, I came to Calcutta. One of my favourite teachers Prof. Dr Manas Kumar Majumdar suggested me some questions about special papers. Moreover, he became astonished to see my weak health.

Still, I could not understand that I have been suffering from mental illness. I was not mentally strong enough. I felt panicked when I used to travel by train for six to seven hours. While walking I didn’t feel normal. Sometimes I noticed the darkness before me, yes. ( Read also: RABINDRANATH TAGORE IN DEPRESSION).

This was a terrible experience I have felt. It was just like near the presence of death. Especially it took place while I was alone. If I’m with my friends or anyone acquainted with me, there was no problem. Even I feared to go in hospital or overcrowded place.

It was all the symptoms of panic disorder or attacks. Still, I didn’t take any advice from the Psychiatrists. Yes, one time I went to a specialist before my M.A exam. But truly, I couldn’t express my problems. Because I have no idea about such a mental ailment.

Perhaps my father might have been suffering from mental illness last few years of his life. During that time, he had to face a lot of troubles in family life. Because he was the only earner of my family.

Fortunately, I have got my lectureship in a lien vacancy for three years. So my father got free somewhat.

However, I started my research works for Ph.D then. It was in 1981. My father had died this year. I still remember it. I was then a faculty member in reputed college. So he was proud of that.

On the other hand, the financial crisis had ended. Therefore, I was able to provide financial help for the treatment of my father with an eminent general physician. Though we never thought of any prominent Psychiatry.

Now I understand that he was a patient of mental illness. Even these Doctors could not make out that he should go to psychological treatment. Eventually , I felt that my father was a victim of depression.


Firstly, I have already expressed here the ailments which I have been faced with my physical health. Two major diseases – one is Typhoid and another is blood dysentery.

Secondly, I had to face accident and got burnt with hot oil. Subsequently, I was not fit. During these days I had to face indigestion. Though I have regularly practised Yoga and Pranayama. And I am sure it helped me much.

Thirdly, there was a lot of pressure on my shoulder. I have tried my best to fulfil the demand of my family. On the other hand, I have a lot of pressure on my service life.

Besides, I had to go to Calcutta for my research work. During this period, I had been suffering from panic disorder. It was very strain and painful to me.

At the age of 35, I married. She is educated and intelligent. My mother was then bedridden. After a few months, she left us forever. We then belonged to a joint family. During this period, we were not happy at all. Only we found happiness when my beautiful beloved daughter was born.

However, it was 2nd phase of the experience of facing depression. I used to take some homoeopathic medicines like Kali Phos and Acconite nap.

Eventually, it helps me to control my mental situation. Other than that, I used to practice regularly Arabic and yoga. So it helped me enormously.

However, I was very busy then along with my family, college and tuition. Tuition gives me liquid money. Therefore, two times in the year during summer and Puja vacations we used to go on outings.

Ultimately, we travelled throughout India. We enjoyed it heartily. Never felt any panic or weakness at that time.

But other members of my joint family did not take it with ease. That time I felt that
this world is very critical. Naturally, the bonding of joint family was becoming weak and it turned out to bitterness.

Unfortunately, we decided then for separation from my elder brother. Hence, I felt very isolated. I was then 40. So I became physically and mentally depressed.

However, an experienced Doctor diagnosed me. He was an MD and FRCS. He prescribed some medicines like potheaden. It
continued for a long time. But didn’t alleviate me fully.


How luckily I have been cured from the bitter experience of facing depression. In the meantime, an opportunity came to me for visiting Rajasthan. After visiting almost all of the cities of Rajasthan we have reached Mt. Abu. Luckily, I spent my days there at Brahmakumari guest house.

The organisation has a big hospital ( Global Hospital). They organised and executed this hospital for the local and the guests. However, One day, we went there. There a Psychiatry diagnosed me and told that I was a patient of panic disorder.

” But don’t worry, you would be cured of all panics after getting these medicines and can move anywhere in the world alone.” – He said.

So he prescribed some medicines. I gradually became a normal man. During my youth, I couldn’t travel alone or without any companion, but now at the age of above sixty, I am travelling alone from Durgapur to Mumbai by train or by air. No fear, no panic, no obsession.

But only medicine is not sufficient. For our sound mind we should have an organised lifestyle and scientific food habits. This is must .

Saraswati -Puja – Bengal

Dr. Sushil Rudra


Image: PUJA PANDAL IN COLLEGE CAMPUS /kalpatarurudra.org/Saraswati Puja: the festival of love and unity /image

Durgapur , West Bengal

Every year in BASANT PANCHAMI , We celebrate SARASWATI PUJA : the festival of love and unity . Though it is of Hindus , but some other sections of our society also join and celebrate this festival.

¶¶ SARASWATI PUJA , generally is celebrated by the students as well as art – interested people of Indian societies irrespective of all caste and creed . It is also worshiped in Nepal , Srilanka , Bali ,Maldeep , Thaland and Bangladesh . Here is a lesson for the students that they should know that this festival is festival of love and unity. So they must learn to love others and always try to live with a sense of unity.

¶¶ The festival marks the arrival of the Spring, therefore, it’s also called VASANT PANCHAMI. Farmers across almost all the provinces of India celebrate Basant Panchami with much fervor as yellow flowers of mustard crops adorn their fields.

But , some states observes the day by offering prayers to Goddess SARASWATI : the festival of love and unity . According to Hindu mythology , it’s believed that the Goddess SARASWATI was born on the day of VASANT PANCHAMI.

¶¶ The people, generally students, both boys and girls wear clothes of yellow color , and assemble to their Puja Mandap to pray as well as offer Bhog to Goddess of knowledge ,SARASWATI . They pray for knowledge and success ; as Ma SARASWATI is the Hindu Goddess of knowledge, music, art, wisdom and wealth.

¶¶ Saraswati Puja : The festival of love and Unity :

There is another attraction of this ceremony. It a special for its beautiful and delicious Bhog like labra (mixed veg) ,Khichuri , Beguni, Paayesh , Sandesh , Sweet Saffron rice , Papar fried and Chutney.

¶¶ Today , on 16 th January, 2021 , We, early in the morning take bathe and remain fast until the Puja finished. In my student life ( still now I think me a student), we became engaged in collecting subscription from the members of our Hostel in every areas of the then Calcutta ( now Kolkata) for a month before this festival.

We had made Special for the special Bhog to distribute our guest . We had to decorate the entire Hostel with light . Our Hostel managing committee along with Superintendent usually came to visit the idol and pandel in the evening . Sometimes their relatives also attended the fest . There was an introduction season when we had to introduce ourselves before the Hostel Governing Body members. I have a memory in my still after more than three decades when I was a PG student in the University of Calcutta . I spent my student life in a hostel near Thanthonia Kalibari. During Saraswati Puja I sang a song of Rabindranath Tagore (Rabindrasangit) before the governing body members and their families during Saraswati puja. Even the song I sang that day still I can recollect it. So I would say that Saraswati Puja is the festival of love and unity in true sense of the term .

¶¶ SARASWATI PUJA was something special to us because of its delicious foods . That day , varieties menu was to be arranged for lunch like home . But , the priest did not come at the right time. They had a pact scheduled , because the Puja pandal was more than the priest . That’s why they failed to come at the right time. However, after completion of Puja and fantabulous lunch , we generally used to visit other pandels of Kolkata city.

¶¶ During my service life , I didn’t get opportunity to enjoy like before. Because, it was a tradition of our century – old College (Krishnath College) to be maintained secular atmosphere , so no Puja celebrated by the students. But once it was happened not in College premises, but just in front of the College gate .

¶¶ This year , I visit two Puja pandals . I notice , students wearing yellow dresses roam here and there with their friends and getting selfie . Music is running on . We take some Bhog . They arranged a lot . Students wear yellow dresses Sari , Panjabi. Beautiful songs are being played in the sound box . With the music, they are dancing . It’s a very joyful ceremony to them .

¶¶ In this College venue, students of Muslim community are arranging all the important works from marketing to Prosad distribution. Yes , some Hindu boys and girls also there to assist them .In fact , they are students, not Hindu or Muslim. There is Unity in Diversity . There’s only love to each other , no confirmation are there. Obviously Saraswati Puja is the festival of love and unity.

¶¶ But , the condition is not same in villages of Bengal . Three – four decades ago , in every school of Bengal , SARASWATI PUJA was celebrated , but at present , Muslim community students are demanding to continue Friday Prayer in Schools, as there take place SARASWATI PUJA. They are saying if there is no problem for SARASWATI PUJA in school , why not Friday Prayer!


••The problem is there , if Puja is granted in the premises , why is it problem in continuing the Friday Prayer in school premises ?

This is absolutely different matter. SARASWATI PUJA is related to the student and their learning place as well , but there is no connection of Friday Prayer with all the students . Only a section of people used to go Masjid for prayer , not in Schools.

Image: kalpatarurudra.org// Saraswati Puja: the festival of love and unity/jpg

Besides, SARASWATI PUJA is a one day or two days festival, whereas Friday Prayer of Muslim community students are of ones a week, four days ritual in a month and 48 days in a year. Former is just festival , whereas later is ritual. Ritual is your own , but festival is for all .

For festival, schools, college and other institutions are being closed to enjoy it, but for regular ritual we don’t allow for any holidays, or suspension of our working time. So it is a vital issue of the time in Bengal.

Who Can Observe this Festival?

Hindus, Sikhs and Jains in India, Nepal , Bangladesh, Pakistan, Java and Bali (Indonesia) celebrate this fabulous festival.

When it is celebrated?

¶¶ This festival is being observed in every year on the fifth day of the bright half of the Hindu luni – solar calendar month of Magha, which typically falls in late January, or first week of February. In Southern States and in Bengal , the same day is called as Sri PANCHAMI.

¶¶ On the Island of Bali and Indonesia , it’s known as Bari Raya SARASWATI.

¶¶ Goddess SARASWATI is dressed with yellow clothing like the colorful flowers of Mustard crops . It is very favorite color of Mather Goddess . Hindus believe it as a Holy color.

¶¶ This festival is too celebrated, as the king of season, Basanta will be started 40 days after this festival. VASANT means spring and PANCHAMI means fifth . So , according to Hindu Calendar , it is the fifth day of the month Magha. Every year this day is celebrated as VASANT PANCHAMI/ SRI PANCHAMI/ SARASWATI PUJA.

¶¶ Again this festival is marked the start of preparation for other major Hindu festival of Holi and Holika , which take place forty days later.

¶¶ There is another significance of this festival . In many parts of India , it’s considered as an auspicious day for kids to start their first writing words with their fingers , or study some creative art field.

¶¶ Sometimes, somewhere, it is found Ganesha is placed by the side of The idol of Ma SARASWATI for worship who is the God of Success.

¶¶ Saraswati Mantra usually recite in the time of Anjali (sacrifice) with taking some yellow flowers in hand and after reciting the mantra , it is to be given on the feets of Goddess SARASWATI.

¶¶ We enchant a pronam mantra : ‘Vadra kalloi Namo Nittam Saraswottay Namo Namoh ‘.


Success : Inspiration

 Dr. Sushil Rudra

Image:Inspiration & success- kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.

@inspiration & success

Image: kalpatarurudra.org/Success & Inspiration/jpg.
GOAL OF LIFE : A SUCCESS STORY: Success & Inspiration / image-kalpatarurudra.org //kalpatarurudra.org/inspiration.jpg

Today I will tell you a story about a man . He got success in life by dint of hard labour and perseverance. It’s an inspirational story . I want to tell our unemployed youngsters to follow this life history of a successful man . Because inspiration and success in life is interrelated.


A man without a vision for his future,  returns to his past. So everyone should have a clear goal in life. Focus on your goal and don’t look in any direction but ahead. But very often we keep it in mind .

The Secret Story :

This story is about a business who was an European, Tamas by name . He came of a poor family whose father and forefathers had a little business of shoe – making . When he was only 7 years old he had to take the training of apprentice from his father . He became expert within a year .


But as ill luck would have it , his father had died after some ailments . This was very very hard time to them. Then they are three , Tomas , his elder brother and sister .

They had been trying their best to manage some money for livelihood . But it was not sufficient . And then how young Tamas turned into a big business man I will discuss here.

Goal to Success Through An Inspiration and Childhood Days :

When he was a young boy he used to dream of a better future. One day he and his elder brother made a plan. This proposal was of a high dream of extension their little business into a big one .

They three : Brother – Antonin , sister Anna and Tomas himself. Tomas was then only 18 years old young guy . What’s this plan ? Actually they’re not satisfied with this tiny business. They had a small shoe shop . And income was also very low .

Mainly Tomas  put a proposal  and wanted to open a company where they could able to sale a big quantity of shoes. In addition, some other people would have been engaged there for salesman and official works . Some employees would be engaged in factory .


Tomas Saheb was very intelligent . He had thought that if we want to have large scale production, then we should learn “Assembly Line ” which was invented by America. So he went there to be learnt.

To Be Well- equipped His Journey to America :

He believed in practicality. He had learnt it by black and white. And became skilled in this method. Returning to his native place he started production through new methods. His business got stupendously successful.

Finally , it has 72 factories in different parts of the world .  Switzerland is its headquarters.  His business flourished 100 times more than before.

By this time his elder brother Antonin had died and his sister got married. Naturally she had to leave the business. Tomas alone took the business to run on .

His Ultimate Key to Success :

His ultimate key to success was to write down his ambition in a diary. Never forgot it while he had been too busy.

Tomas decided to make a team having selected some employees amongst his company. He thought that the business is a team work . Without teamwork, business couldn’t success.

That’s why, he took initiative to distribute the profit amongst the workers . But he also mentioned a condition that if the business won’t crack then they had to take the responsibilities.

That means if it runs deficit, they workers would be sufferer too like the company owner.     


    Obviously , Tomas Saheb is the architect and founder of the Bata Company. He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to  Switzerland inaugurating a new centre there.

We put on the shoes of his company which is famous by the name of Bata Company.

We use the things, but we are totally unaware of the history of the architect who made it or invent it by virtue of hard labour, perseverance and huge sacrifice.

His Last Journey to Eternal Soul :

He died in a air crash in 1932 when he was travelling to reach Switzerland inaugurating a new center there.

We put on the shoes of his company . It is famous as Bata Company. The writer named this story as ” Tamas Saheber Juto ” ( The Shoe Of Tamas Saheb ).

How we came to know this Story ?

The famous scientist and the founder of Bengal Chemical, Acharyya  Prafulla Chandra Ghoswrote the preface of this book. He also was moved by reading this inspiring story.

Bibhutibhusan Bandhopaddhay, a  distinguished writer of Bengali literature collected this history of the business man and wrote a novel .

It was in English language, Bibhutibhusan translated in Bengali and composed the story in the form of novel.

He did this work as it might inspire and influence the new generation of Bengali youths . The writer became  extremely excited to publish this saga.

He thought that the young job – seekers must read this story of a man who built his life and got success by virtue of hard labour and fore sighting.

Hence, we can get inspiration from his great deed . A man , with little capital, by virtue of intelligence and indomitable spirit , perseverance, teamwork and untiring efforts achieved a brilliant success.

So , why not we ? Our youngsters should be inspired for success in life having learnt form this story.

To succeed in your life mission you must have a single minded devotion to your goal – The distinguished statesman, Moulana Abul Kalam Azad remarks it.

We need inspiration for success in life- this is also true.

image: success & Inspiration . kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.
Image: success & Inspiration -kalpatarurudra.org/jpg.

http://www. kalpatarurudra.org/how to reach to God

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Oh My Companion!

Joy and sorrow are woven in fine .

Crying and Laughing are mingling together in our lives.


Oh my companion of joy and sorrow , the wind is blowing in my life , Let come to me for traveling another world where there’s no pain and suffering, no betraying , no unemployment , and no corruption like here .

Space.oh my companion. kalpatarurudra.org / jpg

The wind is blowing, the wind of outing for any beautiful places with my friends – tell to the trees, let come to outing with me. Let talk to the path that I might  return at late night , don’t wait for me , but keep shutting off thdoor.

oh my companion. kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

You can sing a song for your  remote friends , but that song will be mingled with the drops of the dews in the space . You have a lots of fairy  tales , – but whom do you tell it ? Whose are your listeners? Before lying down on the bed the people are being absorbed in deep sleep ; beasts and birds are also in out of consciousness, probably they’re in their nest resting to gain the energies for the next expedition.                                                                Even the moon  and the  stars are not in awakened state. Thus we have wasted a massive times throughout our life. Oh  companion of sorrow and delight of my Life ,  Let’s go toanother world of merriment where the moon and stars are always ready to welcome us.

Nature is our grand source of shelter . image. kalpatarurudra.org /jpg
Let’s go another world. image. kalpatarurudra.org /jpg

Welcome to my blog either as a reader or influencers Any suggestions are always welcome.

Thank you.

Stay healthy and prosperous.

Let’s Stretch Your Hands To Me, Mother

Image:Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother/kalpatarurudra.org
Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother /Image: kalpatarurudra.org
Image:kalpatarurudra.org/Let’s stretch your hands to me, Oh Mother.

Let’s stretch your hand to me, Mother. Because, I want to plunge into the deep Ocean by the name of Kali. As She is the Mistress of this eternal Universe and also our beloved guide. Hence, I don’t want to miss you , Mother.

She has been helping us in all our activities.So, She is in our dream, in our pain and suffering. She is in our all duties and responsibilities. So she’s like a watchtower.

She has been always directing us to reach safely towards purification and illuminating the world. So I don’t wish to miss you, Mother.

Let’s Stretch your hand to me, Oh, Mother!  As I have been killing the golden time of my life playing with dolls, and having absented from not doing your work. So, how could I reach you? Tell me, Mother.

I’m sinking into my own digging water body by mistaking. And have spent my times and enjoy instant access to pleasure. And I have been chased after impure and untrue means.

That is why I became severely wounded. So let’s stretch your hands 👏 to me, Mother.

You guide me and also stretch your hand to me, Oh, Mother. I’m at stake. So , You come to me to rescue from these muddy waters of falsehood. Because It mesmerises me. And my toe to head is wrapped up in muds.

Hence, I am like a drowning boat in the middle of the tormented and dreadful waves. No helmsman to guide me. And  I am drifting helplessly like a straw. Let’s stretch your hands to me, Mother.

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As I have been tremendously wounded and my soul shivering for uncertainty. No one will come to save me but you . Oh my Mother! Please stretch your hands to save a sinking man who is waiting for you.

Oh, my Mother, I’m waiting for your call. I have none to shelter me. My shadowing past is always calling me back for the untrusted and false dreams of material happiness and prosperity.

Although I couldn’t attain and achieved my dreams because of enemies, I have remembered you. Hence, no need for another world, another sky. But let’s stretch your hands to me, Oh, Mother.(politicalbaaba.com/kalpatarurudra.org)



Don’t grief for the past, it’s a impetuosity, passion or emotion . But learn from the past and walk forward. It’s life.

We have to face so many troubles and sufferings in course of our life – journey. Bhagavan Sree Krishna , Jesus Christ told us , you come forward one step and the rest is great , I will catch hold your hand when you are in troubles . So believe this call of God .

We should have to remember that No one is perfectly fine and happy in this materialistic world . Though we desire to have a successful life in all spheres of our lives. Real life , which we lead day to day is very important to us. It’s related to our food, lodging, education, safety of our lives, savings and so on . These are all our primary needs. Without it we have to face trafficking and suffering a lot.


We try to have a sweet home, food and lodging for survival . Keep faith on God as she / He told us to come forward one step , next He/ She will take care of us . Other than all these necessary requirements , we live in the society. We have some duties and responsibilities for the betterment of it.

As a result, We are having a social bondages , try to maintain a values and ethics through our activities and behaviours. When it’s not maintained properly , a mental and societal misunderstanding take place.

Our Problems: The Call ” Come Forward One Step

But our Prime problem in this modern era is that we are not contented with our success in profession , not satisfied with the lifepartner, may it be husband or wife, or lovers of both sex . But we’re not listening to the call of God – Come Forward One Step, I am waiting for you . I will catch hold your hand to get up .

Recently I have read a blog which is a poetry and there she has written about the breaking down of their relationship. The young lady is unable to forget the words of betrayal to whom she loved profoundly, but being rejected she is spending a unhappy life. This kind of incidents are not supported. It’s a matter of unhealthy mind .


In such a case , we see the lack of values and ethics. We must not support it . After a long term relationship or friendship, the guy suddenly cut off the relationship. Either it’s the symbol of week or I’ll – state of mind, or they’re running for a better option ..

In this respect, she should be strict to her principles and never get lost at all. In fact, there are so many incidents like this used to happen in our surroundings . Sometime, being separated one becomes perplexed and are to face mental illness like depression , stress and strain , melancholic distress etc . We have to face this kind of small but serious troubles in our lives.


How To Tackle This Situation :

Now the question is how to overcome this situation. We are not only individually affected, our parents at the same time are also confronting this situation.

I know an incident like this .  Recently occurred in my friend circle . They are my family friends. They’re arranging their daughter’s wedding. The young man is a good service holder . And their daughter is also working in IT in a good position .

Both the parties are talking about the negotiations and advanced a lot into a final decision . In the meantime, 3 months already passed , almost everyday both the two ( boy and girl) over phone were busy in discussing their future dreaming  . 


Suddenly the elder sister and her husband of the guy informed them that they are not agree in this negotiation. Perhaps they don’t want an woman who are engaged in a profession. This has a massive impact on the family as well as to their daughter. They are highly shocked . So it’s not expected to them at all.

Duty Of A Gurdians :

I am very soft hearted person. I feel very dejection when I listen to and face such conditions. As a guardian or a parent , I couldn’t stay indifferent having learnt that kind of incidents. I become angry . But I try to make them understand that don’t take this matter seriously . It’s the life . Let see better guy for your daughter . Perhaps it’s the wish of God , etc and etc. This is a regular feature in our society.

How To Overcome ?

1. Love each other, but take time to understand each other . Though it’s very difficult to see the inner world of the individual.

2. Don’t believe in sweet words of the lover or partner . Enjoy the words , but try to familiar with his drawbacks .

3. Never forgot your personality . Whenever it’s being hurt , you then cautiously step your feet . Never sacrifice your personality in virtue of getting him. Because, time has changed. Like Radha you should not sacrifice your everything, specially your personality.

4. Don’t live together before marriage. Indian, mainly Hindus , maintain the holiness and sanctity before marriage . Both man and woman should follow up with the principles in respect to thismatter.

5. We are human beings, not animals We should be careful about the discrimination . Though we have some biological demands , but that’s to be acted accordingly. We never crossed the border line . Our motto should be achieved the higher state of mind. The more we will be enriched in this path, the more we must have reached nearer tGod.

This picture is of goddess Durga, the Hindu religion

6. The ultimate goal is to reach out to the highest state of mind.

7. If you attain this state of your thoughts , we will be freed up from all the worldly hazards . Otherwise you have to face the sufferings.

8. In ancient times, the man used to spend in the house of Guru . There he learnt and practiced the rules and activities of the worldly affairs . They also maintained the stage of celibate life. But we are now devoid of it . Our education system or curriculum don’t entertain this aspect.

Finally, it’s fact that when a girl is betrayed by his loving one it’s not her fault. She has a pure heart. But the guy is heartless, brute and clumgy minded . He is not , in true sensea perfect man or a human being. He is lacking of the human qualities. I think that each and everyone should glorify to his or her heart .

Moral: Don’t trust the rouges.

Love Never Wiped Away From This World .

The Great Artist Satyajit Ray

The Great Artist Satyajit Ray/image:www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

Dr. Sushil Rudra

The great artist Satyajit Ray/image:www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

We are going to celebrate the birth centenary of the great artist Satyajit Roy. He is a stupendous Indian film director born on 02. 05.1921 and died 23.04.1992 in Calcutta ( Kolkata). He was a versatile artist, writer, illustrator painter, and director .

Satyajit, the great artist brought the Indian cinema to world recognition with Pather Panchali (1955; The Song of the Road) and its two sequels, known as the Apu Trilogy.

As a director, Satyajit has noted for his humanism, hisusic. He was one of the greatest filmmakers of the 20th century The Great Artist

But this great Director had to fight a lot for making his films . He had no sufficient finance to implement his films . His mother helped him by giving some money, but it’s not sufficient . She then went to her friend, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Ray.

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Dr. Ray was her family friend also . She had à good relationship with him . And described the problem. Dr. Ray listened to the story and advised her to send Satyajit to him .



Next day,Satyajit Ray , the great artist and film director met with him. Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy asked to Satyajit what’s his plan and also told him to describe briefly his story of film. Satyajit described in brief . After sometime he called his secretary.

Asked him, ” Is there any way to allot government scheme for his film making’? No provision, Sir, told secretary. Dr. Roy thought a few minutes and told Satyajit to add something about village economy in his film.

Satyajit boldly answers, ” No Sir, it’s not possible”.

Having heard it, Dr Roy replied,

“Ok my boy, No problem. I think your film is connected to village life and also a struggle for a village boy, Apu. So we can provide you with money for making your film.’

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In making the film Dr Roy ordered his secretary to grant 70 thousand rupees. If it’s not granted by Dr Roy, we think that we don’t have got such an epic trilogy by which the great artist Satyajit Roy was honoured by the prestigious Oscar Prize.

Kolkata was his home city. But he was world -citizen. Satyajit was not only famous in Indian, but also throughout the world.

Now he is a legend. We are proud of his great service in Indian cinema. During the birth centenary of Satyajit Ray, we would enrich all the activities which he started. He was also a great writer.

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In this blog I will paint a picture of Great Film maker, Director, Painter and Writer of India in his birth centenary. Hope, my readers will be enriched with this blog writing about Satyajit Roy, the great Indian Artist and film director.



Satyajit Ray’s Birth Centenary

We are going to celebrate Satyajit Ray’s birth centenary with various programs this year . I will discuss here about his writing “JAKHON CHOTO CHILAM” (When I was a little boy). It is the memoir of the great film director, distinguished writer and artist Satyajit Ray.

Its the memoir of his childhood days . Like Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Jibansmriti‘and ‘ Chelebela ,’ Jakhon Choto chilam is Satyajit’s reminiscences of his childhood days which he had experienced in and around of his family and also in the city of Calcutta.

Sub heading : Birth Centenary Of Satyajit Ray

It’s very important to remember the time of Sàtyajit when he reached at his birth centenary. Perhaps he forgot some important events of his early life and its time.

Sometimes he has referred to very simple incidents, and he confessed that his old day’s memories never come to me distinctly. He forgot some important events, but some unimportant incidents he has remembered very distinctly.

¶¶ In his MemoirSatyajit described both the important and silly events simultaneously and the relationship with the people he came to contact .

Garpar‘ is the second chapter of this Memoir ”Jakhon Chotochilam”. In his early age which he had experienced in contemporary Kolkata (then Calcutta), he artistically penned it here in his placid language.

His narrative is attractive and enriched with the history of Calcutta. Mostly are the vivid picture of the city of early twentieth century . We recall the Calcutta City through his memoirs on the Birth Centenary Of Satyajit Ray.


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Satyajit Ray’s Birth Centenary/image: www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg ( Photo of Satyajit>

In Brief, “JAKHON CHOTO CHILAM” (When I was a little boy) is the memoir of the great film director. He was also a distinguished writer and artist Satyajit Ray.

It’s the memoir of his childhood days. Like Rabindranath Tagore’s ‘Jibansmriti‘ and ‘ Chelebela,’ Jakhon Choto chilam is Satyajit’s reminiscences of his childhood days. what he had experienced in and around his family and also in city Calcutta, Satyajit expressed here.


Perhaps Satyajit Ray forgot some important events of his early life and its time. Sometimes he has referred to very simple incidents, and he confessed that his old day’s memories never come to him distinctly.

Satyajit forgot some important events, but some unimportant incidents he has remembered very distinctly.

Satyajit wrote in his memoirs ” when I was small.

” When I was only five years old we left our old Gadpar house and came to Bhawanipur. I can’t recollect the day we left the house, but I could recollect still now the dream which our cook’s son , Haren experienced . It was very silly and simple dream, but still, now I can recollect.”


¶¶ In his MemoirSatyajit described both the important and silly events simultaneously and the relationship with the people he came to contact .

He portraited in this Memoir about many famous individuals of his times and at the same time described the stories of numerous common peoplwithout making any discrepancies.

Garpar‘ is the second chapter of this Memoir” Jakhon Choto chilam”. In his early age which Satyajit Ray had experienced in contemporary Kolkata (then Calcutta), he artistically penned it here in his placid language. His narrative is attractive and enriched with the history of Calcutta. Mostly are the vivid picture of the city of early twentieth century . It’s about the ‘ to Let ‘ signboard hanging infront of the house . In his latter life he hardly had seen it .

OLD AND NEW SCENARIO OF KOLKATA : ( The Centenary of Satyajit Ray) :

This scenario has changed now. It’s not found in Kolkata. He described about double decker bus without roof which ran on the way in his time in Calcutta. He used to enjoy this bus journey frequently in the upper deck.

As there’s no roof so the travelling with a gentle breeze was his enjoyment. Now Kolkata city is highly dense and the streets are overcrowded, but during his time it was lonely and empty. There were no din and bustle at that time, no horrible road jam-like now.

THE VEHICLES OF KOLKATA THEN : ( Centenary Of Satyajit Ray)

Various types of cars and vehicles used to run on the roads. These cars were of various countries of the World as it was the capital of British government of India.

The foreigners used these cars. The design and the sound of the horns were different. Satyajit could have been identified the name of the cars by listening its horn – sounds.

Mostly it were Ford , Shev , Humber , Voxhol , Doz , Wilsly, Buik , Siyotran and so on. There are some hoodless cars . Baby Austin was very small.

In his later life he did not see these cars in Calcutta. Some big and gorgeous cars were found on the roads like Lancia , Lasal whose face was like a big snake.

All these are very precious cars. Highly dignified wealthy people used it. Satyajit here remembers a car which looks like the cover or upper part of the body of a tortoise.


He had seen the carts which were tagged by the horse. But these old carts were not found in Calcutta.

They had no motor vehicle, they used to travel by this cart. They didn’t feel comfortable travelling on it because of the hardness but felt pleasure riding on it.

¶¶ Memoirs Of Satyajit : In Birth Centenary :

have told previously that Satyajit described in this Memoir both significant and less significant incidents of his time. This year is Satyajit Ray’s birth centenary. We have lost our great man of Bengal. In his birth Centenary we will recall the days he spent in Kolkata from his memoirs “Jakhon Choto Chilam”.


He narrates about the flights or jets flying over their house and the city with horrible sounds. But it wasn’t found in his childhood days. One or two seated planes occasionally were found in the sky of Calcutta.

It’s that time when Damdam, Behala flying club has been started. Bengalee rich people are trying to fly on the sky and practicing regalarly with utmost zeal. Sometimes various big companies distributed aadvertising pamphlet from this light weighted two seater plane .

It was very interesting to look at these flying leaflets. Sometimes some of it reached our rooftop. We used to collect it to see the advertisement. Once they found the leaflets of Bata Company – a renowned shoe company of India.

¶¶ Changing Habits In Consumer

Satyajit observed very keenly and seriously not only the change of the Societies, but even noticed many changes in the day to day used materials .

In this Memoir he narrates all that things. In his childhood days they used white coloured nylon tooth brushes. Its name was colonies . But at his old age it was not in the market or didn’t use it.

At the birth centenary of Satyajit Ray, it’s very important to see his life and times through his vibrant words.


Pens which we use today, people did not use it in between 1930 to 1950 . They used black- coloured Swan pen and Waterman Fountain Pen.

It was very hardy, and not very light and thin like the pens we use now. These fountain pens were made by a material which is called Gutta Percha . If it’s brunt , it produces an odd scent. He favoured this old pens .


So the Memoir of Satyajit Ray is highly precious for its socioeconomic status and the historical values. We can understand the people of that time , their lifestyle, culture, habits and so on in this Memoir Jakhon Choto chilam.

Conclusion :

I will discuss more about this book and the contemporary Kolkata’s lifestyle, food and beverage, disease and Medicine etc in the next post. So Please let me inform your interest in this regard.

Hope my readers will read this article and give comments.

Your comments and sharing is highly appreciated. Thank you so much.

Mind and the Nature

by Sushil Rudra

Mind and nature /www.kalpatarurudra.org /jpg
Mind and the nature. Image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Mind and Nature / Image: kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Mind and Nature/image: kalpatarurudra.org /jpg
image:kalpatarurudra.org/ Mind and nature/jpg
Mind and the Nature / image: www.kalpatarurudra.org/jpg

We are the servent of Our Mind and Nature .

Where the mind’s free, the body’s delicate”. – William Shakespeare

“The mind is it’s own place, and in itself Can make a heaven of Hell , a hell of Heaven.” – John Milton

” Mental slavery is mental death , and every man who has given up his intellectual freedom is the living coffin of his dead soul.” – R G Ingersoll

The afternoon of my city is very calm and quiet just like my mind and nature is ! Most of the city dwellers used to take rest sometimes after a heavy lunch. I have been observing it for decades. As a result, a pin drop silence prevails everywhere like midnight.

….Specially, in winter season , people are captivated in the house under the quilt . And the pandemic situation makes it massively isolated by which we are not happy at allOur mind and nature is so calm


….. . … . I don’t like to sleep after lunch. Naturally, sitting in a arm – chair in the Varanda , I am looking to and fro and thinking about the Nature and mind. A Some tall tree of shal – segun and other trees are standing up keeping their head to the sky . Their leaves are being moved by the touch of the wind . Even shivering with the cold blow . How much joyously they are living in this cold season!


In the meantime, I am to find out a tall man who is our home servent. He has been working in our house for a long time since my birth.Rup Singh is his name. Unmarried Rup Singh is an illeterate person having no burden of family on his shoulder. He is returning to our house from the market purchasing some betel leaves and its spices. He used to have it . This is only his fad to masticating spicy betel leaves.

.. Rup Singh is indefferent in any circumstances. I never saw him to be getting restlessness. He is just like a tall tree never bend his head in worldly affairs and passions.

Can trees think ?

Can tree thinks like us ? Is there any sorrow and agony to their lives? I feel they’re very spontaneous in its entire life. When it grows up and gradually reach in full youth , obviously, it looks heavenly beautifulIn spring they are dressed in green leaves and moon -like flowers. It seems they are enjoying their lives with joy . They look like a Queen.

Are they talking about one’s love to another ? Don’t know whether they have any feelings of sorrow or joy ! Sometime I think , like Rup Singh our sorrounding Nature , all these tall trees are indifferent in joy and sorrow . If they could have a mind like us , then they can feel their good and bad.


The Nature has been massively exploited and tortured owing to our civilization. This indifferent Nature never protest against this treachery. But gradually they are becoming conscious and trying to defense when they’re kept at bay .

Of course, a human being can think as they have a mind like nature; they think and do meditation like a shadow of the moon.

But despite , we are human beings having a wisdom within us. If I don’t have any domestic duty , and not going to purchase raw vegetables or medicine in the market , I couldn’t stay in silence a moment . Because we have a mind who is all in all in my life.

Though Our mind never stops thinking until we get to sleep . What we could, the steady and firm tall tree couldn’t. They couldn’t imagine what we could. They shelter us in the hotty summer.

Exhausted passersby-by can take a rest for a while under its shed. If they’re not, we can’t survive without the oxygen that they produce. With their gentle summer breeze, we are getting the touch of Mother.

Hence, they’re with us from the very beginning of the civilization. You can say that they’re our beloved companions after snow – era or Himayuga. But being a man we have denied their friendship and killed them to enjoy our comfort. They didn’t betray us, but we did.

Therefore, let rule the demonic mind, and bring up the godly mind which is an urgent need of the time.

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Image:Let live with God /kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Let Live with God/image: kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Image: kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Gods home :Let live with God /image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
Gods own home / Let live with God / image:kalpatarurudra.org/jpg
God’s Own Home

This is Paradise . and the mighty God lives here. Let Set out there on the way to God’s Home. Let Live with God .You can settle down there a whole day for taking rest or to play fulfilling your desire in worried and deep pain.

Let live with God , gossiping there with your beloved beautiful Nature – and your remote friend . Might he be there in disguise of God, sitting there . If you get a room on the widen field , please be calm and sit down a few moments in the solitary corner with utmost serenity mood.

Greens will come to greet you. Love and hug with it. Try to sink in the deep River of consciousness keeping aloof all the hazardous of life. You might be benefited from this journey to God.

Soft and calm bed of green grass is ready to welcoming you, Let live with God sitting on there as much as you can to enjoy this paradise. Walking through the valleys and mountains and on its zigzag way to meet your bosom friend.

And at the end of this road, He is waiting for you , keeping his door open to embrace you.

Don’t hesitate to move forward in meeting him as He has been waiting for you a long time. He is ready to have lunch with you. Be face to face and exchange the sights with each other . He is ready to serve the most favourite dishes. Don’t be hesitated to meet Him as the time will not wait for you.

Be calm, concentrate on your heart which is the temple of love and light, Don’t look at the outer sparking which is not glorious and delight . Never stretch your hands to Fame or name , or so called Prestigious kingly sit , as these couldn’t provide you the light and peace .

Let live with God all day long You and He, siting front to front, gazing at each other, to garnering flowers chains at each other’s neck , no serious talk to be pronounced , no blunt talks of love , nor any worldly possession matter there to have gain, so both of you spend the whole day bathing in the rays of Sun.

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